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The Role Of Wicket-keepers

When understanding cricket, it is necessary to define some of its key positions. Besides the batsmen and the bowlers, there are also the wicket-keepers. You can find out how to bet online on 1xBet, and take advantage of the multiple available options on cricket.

Wicket keepers are a crucial part of the game. In simple terms, they must position themselves behind the wicket. They have three key roles to fulfill while being on the field, which are:

●       take catches;

●       stump the batsman out;

●       and also, make a run out whenever possible.

The wicket-keepers are lined up by the team who is fielding at a specific moment of a game. Right now, on 1xBet it is very easy to find out how to bet online, and this can be done on multiple cricket events from all over the world.


The purpose of these kinds of players

Wicket-keepers also have different roles that they can fulfill in order to help their squad. It is possible to make online cricket match betting on 1xBet website, especially when great wicket-keepers are playing.

The most important role of these kinds of players is to dismiss batsmen out of the game. They can do this in numerous forms. For example, if a ball barely touches the bat, it is possible for the wicket-keeper to catch it, making sure to do so before it touches the ground.

But that’s not their only role, because if a ball goes high into the air, they are usually the players tasked to catch those loose balls.


There are many other tasks that wicket-keepers can do in order to benefit their teams. However, those are among the most important ones. The 1xBet website is the best place to make online cricket match betting on many tournaments taking place all across the world.

Position of the wicket-keeper

Of course, the role of the wicket-keeper has an extra layer of complexity. These players must know how to position themselves in the field in order to increase their chances to catch loose balls. The best place to find out all the live bet results – 1xBet bookmaker, which offers great wagering options where excellent wicket-keepers are featured.

When speaking about keepers’ positioning, usually they will choose their preferred position according to the bowlers. For example, if the bowler who will throw the ball is a fast one, then the keeper will try to position himself farther from the stumps. This helps them to have more time to react in case balls become loose. However, others might want to position themselves closer to the stumps, which can increase the chances of batsmen making mistakes. The 1xBet bookmaker has all the live cricket results from many matches, as well as excellent opportunities to place bets on them.


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