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Fantasy Football Magazine; learn everything football.

One of the most popular and competitive sports played in the US is American Football. Its popularity is derived from the fact that football is the number one spectator sport in the US.

The Super Bowl is the most watched competitive sport event in the US each year. Another sport that comes close to the Super Bowl is College Football. College Football event sees the selling out of stadiums each year. Although some people find this contact sport a bit rough, supporting your team and watching them progress up the league makes up for the slight violence in the sport.

It is a sport that is played in teams not by individual but individual players have their various skill set and positions from which they play from. A football team is made up of eleven players as the first team with various substitutes which wait on a ‘bench’. These substitutes can be called in to make changes during the game either to make the game play better or due to injury of another player.

Due to how popular football is, it gave rise to its other hand, fantasy football. Fantasy football is played virtually, but with all the rules and players like the NFL. It has cheat sheets, depth charts, projections, teams, etc. The way for you to understand how fantasy football works is from fantasy football league. These magazines will give you an edge which will make your team stand out.

One major advantage gotten from a fantasy football magazine is teaching you how to prepare for drafts in addition to other comprehensive research you will derive. The magazine are prepared by experts in the field of fantasy football. It is a great source for beginners in the league of fantasy football to understand how the game is played and how to get the necessary edge to stand out from the crowd.

learn everything football.

There are different reasons why you need to get a fantasy football magazine. One such reason is learning about consistency of players in whichever league you play. Consistency of players refers to the knowledge to needed to retain a player or sit him out. This is crucial to your game as one player in position, but out of form could cost you your title in a league. Fantasy football magazine is here to guide you on how to go about making this important decision to your league.

Another use for fantasy football magazine is for draft. One crucial point that places you ahead of the pack is draft prediction. Having accurate draft prediction is one sure way to be a leader in the pack. Draft predictions are not the only advantage which you derive from fantasy football magazine but draft analysis also. What this refers to is the breakdown of each players which can drafted into the league. Fantasy football magazine experts take the time to follow as news regarding a player before writing an analysis of how this player is likely to perform if drafted. Most of the draft predictions and analysis made in these magazines end up been fairly accurate. So, we can say fantasy football magazine is great for draft predictions, have proven history of accuracy, use a matchup system to compare different players who might be drafted into the league.


The best fantasy football magazine 2019 would be one which incorporates the above information while also aiding you in making buying decisions regarding draft picks. The magazine should help you make the best decision as regards which players to draft in and which likely team they might belong to. Some of these magazines are expensive to own, while some are affordable. That been said, they ensure that you have a complete grasp of the necessary information needed to make any football decision.

Now, draft predictions are great, consistency of players in the league but information of regarding all the happenings in the season should also be included. As an avid football fan or player of the fantasy football league, this all season information is a must have. You can also get breakdown of player skills. This breakdown is done for all 32 teams that comprise the fantasy football league. It would serve as a great guide for beginners on their journey into the league. The magazine also comes with quality scores of players and how they perform in the last season with an in-depth player details.

A fantasy football magazine should also give you information about all important dates regarding the league. It is great to have information regarding draft analysis, draft predictions but missing out on the dates for games, transfers, draft picks will make every other  bit of information gotten pointless. These dates are also crucial to your success in the fantasy football league.

The magazine should also help you in making the best decisions regarding the best players for you to buy. This is the most crucial part of buying, subscribing to the best fantasy football magazine. Having the best players you can draft on your team means you are on your way to success in the league. It also saves you a whole lot of time and effort especially for beginners, who might fall into the trap of buying bad players.

All this been said, the contents of a fantasy football magazine is written by experts and professionals whose job it is to teach you about all things football. The magazine should have mock draft (where players will be drafted), Player statistics( their performance and statistics last season), team profiles( depth chart, to keep track of players), season recaps(mistakes and wins from last season), insider information( professionals from the NFL), updates(injuries sustained by players during the season, important news that affects the league), cheat sheet( helps gives you an edge when picking players).

These are in a nutshell all the information you need before the start of the football season, and it can be gotten accurately from the top fantasy football magazine you choose.


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