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Need To Choose Best Running Shoes? Here’s How

Choose Best Running Shoes

There are several possible reasons for running; it could be for fun, fitness, training, and a host of other things. Whatever the case may be, an important fact is that you need the right running shoes for you. The right running shoes are important because they help keep you from getting injuries and ultimately running an enjoyable venture. This is a guide on how you choose best running shoes that will fit well and be suitable for your style.

There are tons of shoes for sale, but you have to be careful to go for that which is perfect for you. Like every other venture, choosing running shoes requires careful consideration of certain factors. These factors are important because they ultimately help you make the right decision and enjoy the decision you have made. These factors include but are not limited to:

Where do you plan to run?

Choose Best Running Shoes

This is an especially important factor to consider on your quest to choose right shoes. The type of routes you take determines the type of shoes you go for. You might mostly use the road or trails and gravel paths; this means the type of shoes you should go for are road-running shoes, trail-running shoes, or cross-training shoes.

Road-running shoes: Road-running shoes are constructed for pavement and occasional incursions into surfaces with irregularities here and there.

The following are important points to note about road-running shoes:

  • Road-running shoes are the best set of shoes for people who run on sidewalks, roads, or tracks, among other surfaces
  • They are light and flexible. They offer cushioning effects as well as stability in course of the repetitive process of taking off and landing while running.
  • Road-running shoes possess flat and smooth soles, and this helps to make a continuous perfect surface for running.

Trail-running shoes: Trail running shoes are designed for the unconventional routes off the road; for instance, rocky and muddy routes

Important points to note about trail-running shoes:

  • At times, trail-running shoes are enforced with plates underfoot to protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects.
  • Another notable feature of trail-running shoes is that they possess bigger lugs than that of the road-running shoes. This is especially for more grip for trails that are not even.
  • Trail-running shoes are mostly stiffer in the midsole region for more support on rugged trails and uneven surfaces.

Cross-training shoes: Cross-training shoes are specially constructed for gym workouts, cross-training or any balance activity where contact with the ground having more is a preference. Staff at any of the Asics stores in Australia will be able to advise you on what type will be best for your preferred style of running.

Do you want more or less cushioning underfoot?

Choose Best Running Shoes

This is another important factor to consider; you might want to feel every bit of cushioning a running shoe has to offer or to feel the ground underfoot. Whatever the case may be, the thickness of the material under the midsole and the firmness of the foam are important factors to consider in going for a running shoe.

When considering cushioning, the following are choices for you:

  • Maximum cushion: These running shoes offer thick padding in the midsoles. It is highly likely that runners prefer the comfort of thicker, softer foam underfoot when running long distance.
  • Moderate cushion: Shoes with moderate cushion are in between all the softness of a pillow and the feeling of having no cushion.
  • Minimal cushion: Shoes with minimal cushioning at the midsoles are mostly preferred by runners who want to feel their connection to the ground beneath them.
  • Barefoot shoes: Barefoot shoes are shoes that offer the closest feel to being barefoot.

How much support do you need and what kind do you need for your gait?

The kind of support and how much you need it is also an especially important factor to consider in going for running shoes. Pronation is the natural way your foot rolls inward when it strikes the ground and then propels forward. Brands use different footwear technologies and features that reduce excess movement.

Your pronation level could be basic pronation, overpronation or supination. You must go for shoes that fit your pronation level. One way to determine your pronation is to have a footwear specialist observe your gait when you run. Another way is to examine the wear pattern on a well-used pair of running shoes. Why not visit one of the many Asics stores in Australia to help you understand how to interpret the wear on your shoes?

Ensure the shoe fits

Choose Best Running Shoes

Your shoe should fit well from the start with no breaking-in period.

Asics Australia online stores are good places where Asics sales are made. You can check them out for your running shoes.

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