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How to keep yourself and your family safer while staying in a vacation rental?

We all love vacation rentals for the flexibility and resplendence they shower on us while allowing us to break free momentarily from the rigors of our everyday work life.

However, for guests to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience, the property has to have different security features that will ensure their safety and security.

As a vacation homeowner, it is essential to remember that your guests are likely to come from a different location and would want to feel safe throughout the duration of their stay.

First and foremost, it is always advisable for guests to go on vacation in a city with safe neighborhoods and low crime rates. There are indeed many fewer places for such mouthwatering pleasures than a cabin vacation rental Bryant Al.

There is where you have a vast selection of homes while savoring a scenic view of the famous Chattanooga river. Wherever your vacation rental property may be, these are sensible security steps you need to take to ensure the safety of your potential guests:

•    Secure Doors

Safe in vacation rental

All doors should be made of solid materials. Either wood or steel will suffice. Also, these doors should come with deadbolts, industrial-strength locks as well as shatterproof glass where glass panels. Where possible, make sure doors are equipped with sturdy strike plates so they cannot be kicked down with force.

•    Secure Windows

Safe in vacation rental

One of the most common ways for a home to get burgled is through the windows. Nearly 23% of burglars enter your home through the first-floor windows. These are potential entry points for a thief and should be well secured.

On the flip side, your windows should be easy to open or close in the event of an emergency. It would help if you also remembered high winds. Almost all cabin vacation rentals Bryant Al come equipped with impact-resistant windows enclosed in sturdy frames in the event of a hurricane. Protection films also keep the glass from smashing to pieces on the floor.

•    Security Cameras

Safe in vacation rental

There should be security cameras installed at all strategic locations of the property. These include at the front and back entry points as well as the garage. There are currently high-tech cameras that are capable of recording and transmitting live footage to wherever you are.

So even if your guests are out sight-seeing, the comfort of knowing any trespass will be reported is an added boost for your rental home.

•    Alarms

Safe in vacation rental

These could work in sync with your cameras in case of encroachment of your property within a certain radius. Ensure whatever alarm systems installed are easy to use by your guests in order not to trip the alarms off by mistake. If there are passwords, then ensure they have access to these passwords throughout their stay.

•    Safe

Safe in vacation rental

Installing a safe in your rental home might seem like an unnecessary expensive idea, but this could increase the appeal of the property to guests who enjoy traveling with exotic bling.

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