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The Technology Behind Security Safe Boxes

Before you choose what kind of safe to use for your belongings, it’s a wise move to learn about the differences between the major types of technologies behind security safe boxes.

Typically, safe locks are interchangeable since they’ve got the same mounting dimension. This means you can utilize a key lock, digital lock, or mechanical combination lock. This depends on your preference.

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However, the fundamental qualities and features of these technologies aren’t the same. Particular safe technology is better suited for particular uses. 

For instance, if you’re placing the safe in a damp environment, mechanical lock technology is more reliable compared to electronic lock technology. 

In this blog post, you will learn the technology behind security safe boxes.

Lock And Key

A lot of safes come with a regular lock and key technology. These safes are known as key lock safes. 

This manual approach to opening is ideal for individuals who have a hard time remembering passwords and do not have a budget for a biometric safe. 

Unfortunately, this type of safe is less secure since there’s the risk of misplacing the keys and giving them to the wrong hands. 

Also, a lot of burglars know where to look for spare keys. This means that if a person breaks inside your house and your safe keys are located in a common area, the lock won’t do you much good. 

Still, why do some people prefer lock and key safe technology? Some of the most common reasons include:

  • It’s cost-effective and simple
  • Enables a couple of users to each to have their own key 
  • You can’t remove the key until you close the safe

Fortunately, almost every home safe manufacturer nowadays is creating a lock and key safe with additional security features.


This is perhaps the most secure type of locking technology for safes. Biometric locks incorporate personal identification items. This includes retinal scans or fingerprints.

This is to guarantee that the person trying to access the safe is the correct one. Unlocking a safe with biometric technology is Fast. A simple scan or touch will open the safe.

Because of this feature’s personalization, these safes are a lot costlier compared to other safes that utilize other types of locking technologies. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that while it’s rare, there are occasions where the scanning doesn’t work or fails to identify a saved biometric.

The technology on these safes keeps on evolving rapidly. Thus, it might be ideal to wait a bit longer for the issues to be fixed before you purchase one. 

Some of the features of a biometric safe include:

  • Highly secured
  • Anti-manipulation lock
  • Use of fingerprints

Since biometric safes are too expensive, businesses are the ones that usually buy them. So, if you’re a cradle manufacturer, you might need a biometric safe.

Digital Number Keypad

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To open a safe with a digital number keypad technology, all you need to do is to press a couple of buttons in the correct order.

These electronic safes use alpha-numeric strings to keep your belongings secure. Typically, they are a lot faster to access compared to traditional safes.

Typically, you can assign a number combination on a safe and change it as you wish. This offers you flexibility over time

Usually, these are more expensive compared to dial-locked safes and you will have to remember to change the batteries around once a year. 

Some of the features of an electronic combination lock safe include:

  • On several occasions, users need to remember to lock the safe by turning the knob or handle.
  • Individual users have the ability to keep and change their codes. This makes it practical to identify who opened the safe by auditing the lock.
  • Requires a power source, such as batteries.
  • There is no possibility of keys being stolen or misplaced

Businesses, such as a led strip lights manufacturer, can still benefit from this type of safe.

Combination Or Dial

When they hear the word “home safe”, most people would think of dial lock technology. The reason for this is that it’s the form often depicted in movies or on TV shows. 

However, more updated versions of safe locking technology exist. A safe with a dial lock is essentially the most basic technology when it comes to safes. 

For those who don’t know, there are a million potential combinations on a 3-wheel combination lock. This makes this locking technology difficult to crack.

As much as possible, do not write down your combination so burglars won’t find the numbers. 

Some of the features of a mechanical combination lock safe include:

  • There is no potential for keys being stolen or misplaced
  • You can modify the code easily if it is compromised
  • Because there is only a single code, you have to share it with several users
  • You won’t know who opened the safe

Usually, people use this type of safe for items that aren’t too important. For example, some people use them to store glass bottles from a glass drinking bottles wholesale store. 


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These are just some of the most common technologies of a safe. As time passes by, people should expect and know that these technologies to improve and become better and better every year.

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