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The top thing you should know about sound editing

As a filmmaker, the impact of sound matters a lot as it can engage the audience. But you must make your sound perfect if you want to engage your audience. Hence for making the sound impeccable you must approach a professional sound editor or engineer who has adequate knowledge of sound editing. EKmixmaster mixing studio is one of the tops and reputed studios that has a highly experienced sound editor who can edit your sound as per your requirement.  

The important things you must know before embarking on the process of sound editing 

The following are the things that you must know before you embark on the sound editing process:

  • The right software: You will get a lot of software for audio editing but all are not good. Some of the software is an open-source program and is available for free. This type of software is user-friendly and is suitable for beginners. However, you will get some advanced software as well which is relatively tough but can produce great results. You must buy that software which you are comfortable working with. The good thing about the right type of software is that it also comes up with a variety of sound effects.
  • Do the recording with the device that you are familiar with: The basic thing that you require for good editing is to have a good recording of sound. That is the reason why it is highly essential to record the video with a good device and most importantly you should use those devices that you are familiar with. Apart from that, it is also highly necessary to include a second of silence, not only before the recording of sound but also after it. If you want to get the best result then you must record the sound close to the source with a directional mic.      
  • Cut the background noise: The sound that you record should be clear and free from any kind of background noise since the background sound can distract the audience which makes your video or film unprofessional. That is the reason why it is highly necessary to cut out the background noise. Cutting out the background noise becomes more essential when you need to record the music or dialogue.
  • Synchronization: Synchronization of sound is very essential and you may face several issues due to incorrect synchronization. That is the reason why it becomes highly essential to use a digital workstation for moving sound around. Whenever you synchronize the sound do not forget to keep the original file of the track. 
  • Using the right filters: When you need to edit the sound it is highly necessary to use the right filters and effects. You can use auto-tuning especially when it is required to use the effect very frequently. Apart from that, you also need to pause and check if the sound that you have edited is right or not. Most importantly, it is highly necessary to make sure that the sound effect that you are using makes sense.   
  • Alter the tempo: You can add any type of interesting element to your composition by altering the tempo. With this, you do not require to find a thirty-second audio clip for filling the last segment instead you will be able to look back at your work and can have a fresh creative angle.
  • Use of sound database: Another most important thing is to use the sound database which is mainly for royalty-free clips and music. You can also get it from some online resources such as Story blocks. In this online resource, you will get high-quality sounds especially those which you will not be able to record yourself. All that you need to do is to subscribe and download all the sounds that you require.
  • Dissolve the new track: When you play a video you expect the sound to be crystal clear. But if you find absurd noise in the track then it may be very jarring for the listener. That is the reason why it is highly necessary to dissolve or fade the new track. You must use dissolves at the time when one sound leave at the same time when the other is entering.

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