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Top 15 Sites to Watch South Indian Movies online!

South Indian movies are a big source of entertainment for people in our country. Some of the best South Indian movies have been dubbed in Hindi too for the wider reach. The crazy songs, the drama and the action sequences which are a little too unrealistic, still has a maddening fan following. In earlier days people used to spend hours waiting in long queues to get a movie ticket at the theatres. But gone are those days. Today all movies are available to us at a click of a button on the internet.

Downloading movies from different websites allows us to watch them at our convenience. However there are numerous sites available on the internet to choose from. Thus, here is a list of 15 best Sites you must try to watch your favourite South Indian movies in good print. If you are a fan of horror movies, here are best South Indian horror movies dubbed into Hindi.


top sites to watch south indian movies

This site provides us with movies in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. Not only that you may also a find menu on the left hand corner that provides you options like Hollywood and Bollywood movies and numerous web series.It also shows us what movies and series are trending, the latest release, upcoming movies, etc. ( For viewers looking for a wide range of south indian movies, must check out this site.)

2) Worldfree4u:

top sites to watch south indian movies

This site is amongst the most popular sites to download south indian movies. The most likeable aspect about this site is that it provides the original version of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies.But one must remember that because of copyright issues these sites often change their domain names, so type the correct website will surfing the net.(For latest movie releases this site is your destination.)


With good WiFi connections available everywhere, we can now stream online movies. This allows us to save memory space in our phones as we no longer need to download them. This site serves such purpose, by providing the user direct links to watch south indian movies online.( For watching south indian movies online, this site is your best shot.)


top sites to watch south indian movies

This site not only provides a diaspora of movie genres but also provides its user choices in what resolution they want to download their movies. Thus depending upon your WiFi connection or Mobile Data speed you may choose amongst 480p, 720p or 1080p resolution.( For people looking for quality print of movies, must try downloading from the given website.)


One of the top most googled website for downloading South – Indian movies. The home page of the site consists of a bar that shows various categories of movies like – Punjabi,Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, even Pakistani films. It also consist of a search option to its user. Apart from that it also has Hindi dubbed South Indian movies.Also provide hindi – dubbed south indian movies, so all Tollywood fans round the country can enjoy them. (For hindi – dubbed, south indian movies, this is your go to site.)


top sites to watch south indian movies

Another site to checkout for downloading movies is The unique aspect about the given site is that on the foremost bar of its home page it has an icon- ‘how to download movies’. For many people downloading movies is often a tedious task. Thus it teaches you the best possible way to download movie quickly and of good resolution.( For people who find trouble downloading movies, must use this site.)

7) DVDPLay.Pw:

Downloading movies from this site is much faster compared to the other sites. Also they have specific links rather than having unnecessary set of links mentioned for downloading south – indian movies as well as latest shows of your choice. Thus one does get baffled while downloading movies.( For faster and convenient downloading of movies, one must surf through this site.)

8) Movierulz:

The biggest an the most sought- after site for downloading your favourite south indian movie is Movierulz. While downloading a movie we are often badgered by the pop-up ads, which is a source of income for such sites. However this site is free of any sort of ads.(For an ad free downloading of movies, you may consider this site.)

9) xFilmyWap:

top sites to watch south indian movies

Like many websites to download south indian movies, this site works on the same principle and has a basic design. But it has two novel aspects, the first one being that it provides its users with latest release and secondly, if you want to watch any particular movie which is not available on the site, this site provides you an option to request those movies to make them available to you. ( For downloading latest movies you must explore this site.)


top sites to watch south indian movies

This site provides us with a large number of options of links to download movies from. So for better, easier, simpler and convenient downloading of movies, this site is suitable. (For easy downloading of movies, this is a good site.)


This site is commonly known for downloading all genres of movies in general. Thus it also provides us with wide range of south Indian movies to download. The process of downloading a movie from this site is that it is easy, convenient, simpler and faster.( For easy downloading of movies, this is a recommended site.)


This is one of the most popular site for downloading movies. It provides users HD quality movies for downloading them on your mobile phones. ( For quick downloading of movies your mobile phones, you must surf on this site.)


Another site popular for downloading south indian  movies is This site provides us with large number of south indian movies like – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam and so on in its original dialect. (For original south indian movies use this site.)


This site provides latest release of south indian movies. It gives us complete information about the movie, so we don’t have to go elsewhere to learn the details about the movie. (For best results for your search on Google, use this site.)


This website is a hub for all types of regional movies. Thus benefiting its user. However one should be careful while downloading the movie as it has an issue of spam links and pop-up ad.( For people patient enough to deal with the spam links, and wanting to look for regional movies must use this site.)

So you may choose a particular site for downloading south indian movies as per your needs. Let us know if this article was helpful and if you got a chance to watch your favourite South Indian movies online.

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