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Top careers in Cloud Computing

In the last few years, due to the pandemic, there’s been a significant rise in the reliance on remote access across the globe. This has placed cloud computing professionals in high demand across the globe, especially as cloud computing is now being used at almost every organization today. Recruiters are now looking to employ individuals with cloud computing knowledge and skills, offering them good competitive salaries due to the rising demand for their skills. In light of the now vast availability of cloud computing job roles, knowing the best one for your career can become difficult, especially if you are a fresher. Questions regarding what the numerous cloud computing job roles are, which companies are hiring, and their salary range starts popping up in mind. To help with that, highlighted below are the current top careers in cloud computing.

Top Careers in Cloud Computing in 2022

Cloud Security Analyst

In the industry of cloud computing, this career path requires a bachelor’s degree in cyber security, information technology, or computer science, with a specialty in security analysis. In a company or organization, a cloud security analyst is tasked with the duty of guaranteeing the integrity and general security of the organization’s cloud presence, doing so by detecting and accessing threats and ensuring defenses are in place against the threats. Apart from this, their duties primarily consist of securing data, thwarting data breaches, and eliminating security gaps.

Cloud Engineer

For this career path, a bachelor’s degree or preferably higher in computer science, information systems, or a relevant field is required, as also programming language experience, such as java and python. Cloud engineers are primarily responsible for the managerial aspects of an organization’s cloud strategies, ensuring the implementation of such strategies. Their duties also include administrative work such as negotiations with clients and vendors.

Cloud Architect

Ordinarily, what is required for this career path is a bachelor’s degree or preferably higher in computer science, information systems, or an associated field. However, most companies would give preference to candidates holding an MBA or other sufficient Masters degree. The reason for this is that cloud architecture acts as the framework for all other cloud technologies and services to operate. A cloud architect is accountable for designing and implementing an organization’s cloud computing strategies, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud operations and that everything is on track. They often work in tandem with cloud engineers.

Cloud Software Engineer

Here, what is required is a bachelor’s degree or preferably higher in computer science, information systems, or an associated field, as well as experience in programming languages like java and python. This experience can also be increased if they decide to learn Azure. The main role of a cloud software engineer is to develop software that operates in the cloud. Furthermore, they take charge of repairing, upgrading, and conducting the general maintenance of the software they develop.

Cloud Network Engineer

This career path requires a bachelor’s degree or preferably higher in software engineering or computer science with a preferred specialization in server infrastructure and network management. This role encompasses the design and maintenance of a company’s cloud services across a network, often within a certain division or for the entire company. The duties of this time further include accessing the company’s needs in regards to cloud-based platforms, finding new cloud providers, etc.

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