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Spot Venus on October 29 in the Sky | Venus Will Be at Its Greatest Eastern Elongation

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and Earth’s closest planetary neighbour. Even though Mercury is closer to the Sun, Venus is the hottest planet in our Solar System. A past life psychic reading can tell you who you used to be, but astrology can tell you who you can become. Humans have looked to the sky for thousands of years to determine the future, and today psychics still use the stars to chart life’s course. This October, a major astrological event is occurring, one that you can see for yourself: Venus’s greatest eastern elongation.

Venus on October 29 in the Sky | TrendPickle

Why Will Venus Be Most Visible at This Time?

All planets in our solar system orbit the sun, and sometimes that puts them out of sight. However, Venus will be at its most visible on October 29, 2021, giving you a chance to see its splendour.


Venus is usually close to the sun when you look at the sky, and the sun’s relative brightness can wash out Venus’s light. During elongation, Venus is the furthest away from the sun, allowing you to see it.


Although it’s a planet, Venus is often considered the “evening star” because of its brightness. Besides the moon and sun, Venus is the brightest thing in the sky, making it one of the easiest celestial bodies to identify.

All You Need To Know To See Venus in the Night Sky

The first thing you should do is find an area with less light pollution. This means getting out of the city if you live in an urban area or turning off lights if you live in a more rural place. Second, try to find a space with a clear view of the horizon. A cleared hill or flat plain is ideal.

Where Should You Look?

Venus sets after the sun, so you need to look westward. As the sky darkens, you should be able to see the bright spot near the horizon.

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What Is Time the Best?

There’s a 90-minute gap between when the sun sets and when Venus moves beyond the horizon. That means you have an hour-and-a-half window to view Venus. The sunsets at 5:38 p.m. on October 29, so try to be in place by then.

Why Is This Astrological Event Important?

The stars can affect daily life, influencing decisions in ways you may not notice. That’s why an astrology birth chart reading is so useful — it can tell you how the stars influenced you at birth.

Venus on October 29 in the Sky | TrendPickle

For Venus’s elongation, you have to be aware of the planet’s symbology. Closely associated with the Roman goddess for which it’s named, Venus influences the following:

  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Pleasure


Venus is the goddess of love, which makes this a great time to search for a partner. Romantic love blossoms in the light of Venus, so if you’ve been hesitating, October 29 is the day to make your move.


Beauty is another domain the goddess Venus has power over. The elongation is the perfect time to embrace your own beauty and look for it in others.


A lover of the passionate god Ares, Venus delights in pleasure. However, the pleasures you pursue don’t have to be physical — artistic passion and intellectual pursuits can also offer pleasure.

If you want to find out more about how the night sky affects you personally, you should talk to a psychic. You can also find out useful advice from money psychics, love mediums and life path tarot readers.

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