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10 Points To Consider While Choosing The Correct Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are not only loved for the music but also for their portability and ease of access. The trend of Bluetooth speakers is increasing day-by day and there are plenty of options available in the market. But if you are investing your hard-earned money into a Bluetooth speaker you would surely want to choose the best one. You need to have a proper information about the trends, innovations, and the versions available to pick out the perfect one for you. So, we are trying to help you out here by providing you 10 Points To Consider While Choosing The best Bluetooth Speaker in 2021.

1. Check The Audio Quality

Audio – the most important reason for buying the Bluetooth speaker must be checked properly. Pay careful attention to the sound and distortion. Check whether the sound distorts or not in high volumes. It is said that the distortion must be less than 1% ideally.

2. The Frequency Response

Frequency response of a speaker is the range of frequencies or musical tones a speaker can is measured in hertz and it ranges from 100Hz to 20,000Hz. It is said that the wider the range of the frequency the better sound a speaker can produce but this is not true in every case as every person perceives sound in different way and hence it varies from person to person.

3. The Battery Life

The battery life is one of the most important aspect that you must consider while buying. You would surely not want your speaker to collapse within few songs. Small (Micro) Speakers usually have less battery life. So, If you want a long hour partying speaker go for the ones with battery life ideally more than 10 hours. There are some speakers that even offer battery life of 24 hours, if those fit in you budget than you can go for them.

4. Bluetooth Version

With the passing time there are various iterations and new versions of Bluetooth are being released. Basically, the Bluetooth version regulates the audio quality transmission and also determines the distance you can maintain between your phone and the speaker. The Bluetooth version 4.0 is ideal as it supports distance of up to 60m and supports Low Energy profile for enhanced playtime. The version 5.0 is new addition in the Bluetooth version which has more advanced features, improved range, and data transmission but this isn’t adopted yet by the speakers.

5. Connectivity

The connectivity also plays an important role. Its better to look for a speaker with NFC (Near Field Communication). It allows the Bluetooth devices to establish wireless communication with each other by just simply touching the devices together. It even makes your Bluetooth speaker more compatible and easily connectable in less speed. Also, look for a one that possesses auxiliary connector. A microphone is also an essential feature to look for as it lets you answer calls directly through the speaker just like a speaker phone. It also allows you to interact with your phone’s virtual assistant.

6. Drivers

Generally, a portable Bluetooth speaker has 40mm driver which is decent enough. If you wish to have bigger drivers then you may have to compromise with the size of the speaker as it will increase. The placement of the drivers also contributes to the production of sound in the speaker. Usually, small sized Bluetooth speakers have a single and full-range driver placed upside or at the bottom to produce better sound. Also, there are various speakers with Twin drivers that are comparably louder. There isn’t ample space inside the speaker to place a woofer so most of the speakers have passive radiators that produces bass. Passive radiators are great for people who love EDM music.

7. Charging Type

A speaker with a USB charging port is highly convenient when you are travelling outdoors. Nowadays most of the speakers come with a Micro-USB port, which makes it convenient to charge them with power banks.

8. Durablity

As you are going to carry the speaker with you it’s important that you choose the ones with robust and rugged design. The waterproofing also matters a lot. The IPX is the global standard by which items are measured for waterproofing. Many speakers in the recent time have IPX6 waterproofing that protects your speaker from splashes of water. The latest speakers come with IPX7 waterproofing that means the device is fully waterproof and can stay submerged into water up to three feet. With waterproofing many speakers come with dust and damage proof design.

9. Audio Power

The audio power is measured in watts. The higher the audio power the higher is the performance. Big rooms require speakers with high audio power. Audio power of 10 watts is loud but not suitable for big rooms. So, if you think of playing your speaker in large rooms make sure to choose the one with high audio power.

10. Other Advanced Features

The other advanced features can be multi-speaker connect where you can connect two speakers to produce for stereo sound. Some latest speakers even provide 100 speakers to connect for booming party environment. Then, the size of the speaker, portability, design, control buttons are also an added advantage to the speaker. Also, the speakers that support aptX HD are worth buying. aptX HD is an audio codec that supports 24-bit audio streaming through Bluetooth and helps to reduce the distortion.

These were the 10 essential points that you must consider before you invest into a Bluetooth speaker. First read the specifications carefully and then dig deeper into the parameters mentioned above.

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