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15 Best short horror films you can watch on YouTube

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6. Vicious

A young woman Lydia comes home one night and find that front door of the home is unlocked and slightly open. She suspects that there could be something else in the house. Watch the film to find out who is present in the home?

Watch Vicious short film :

7. 3 Veros

3 Veros is a short horror film about three girls – Gretta, Catalina and Regina and psychic Margery. Three girls call Margery to help them after a ghost besieged their home. Can they stop the ghost, watch the film to find out.

Watch 3 Verses short film :

8.  Don’t look away

Don’t look away is a short horror film. A teenage girl tells her father that a mysterious figure is staring at her, all her father can say is: “DON’T LOOK AWAY”. Can you look away?

Watch Don’t look away short film :

9. Downstairs

Downstairs is an award-winning short horror film about a security guard.  His curiosity sends him investigating what goes on… Downstairs… and he has the night from Hell. Can he come back from downstairs, Watch the film to find out.

Watch Downstairs short film :

10. The Silent

The Silent is an award-winning short film. The film narrates the journey of a little girl from a world of nightmares to the nightmare of reality. Can you face your worse nightmares?

Watch The Silent short film:

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12 Thoughts to “15 Best short horror films you can watch on YouTube”

  1. I love horror movies. I’ve seen so many of them that now they do not scare me anymore! thanks for your advice 🙂

    1. Vaibhav

      They may not scare you but they will thrill you for sure.

  2. I’ll show this post to my son. He loves horror films.

    1. Vaibhav

      Thanks Phill, Hope he enjoys.

  3. Wow, this is something that my husband is going to love; we both have this thing common that we like to watch horror movies and I’m going to bookmark this for sure. Thanks for sharing and now I’m watching for the weekend.

    1. Vaibhav

      I am sure you both gonna love these.

  4. shanab

    Horror films scare me 🙁 But if I feel brave I will try one of your suggestions, thanks.

    1. Vaibhav

      Sure, please try and get over your fears 🙂

  5. Meg

    I’m not quite brave enough to watch these while I’m home alone during a thunderstorm, but I will save this article for tomorrow!

    1. Vaibhav

      Sure, please watch whenever you have time.

  6. Lilla Debruin

    With thanks! Valuable information!

  7. Ruhi Priya

    i watched all the films. this made me thrilled. thank you so much as i loved these a lot.

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