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20 most-funny Covid-19 memes to bring smile on your face!

11. Why did you do this China? Now we have to bear the brunt of Corona

12. The wifes are unhappy and the maids are happy after the lockdown decision.

13. China is a part of every conversation about the ongoing virus. Why will netizens be left behind from taking a dig at them. They escalated, multiplied and left.

14. The upshot of Corona virus lockdown on people with various personality traits

15. Simran says ” Not before sanitizing my hands”. The iconic movie DDLJ giving out the message of being germ free before travelling.

16. Our only astrological prediction till lockdown is spending time at home

17. The house wife is frustrated as the maid or the husband is of no use. The husband only claps to appreciate her cooking.

18. Bored and tired being at home ? Struck a conversation with a spider. It may be very talented.

19. Spare us as we are out to buy essentials and not to roam on the streets.

20. The advantages of self isolation : Eat, Sleep and Repeat

Do you have any more amazing memes on Corona Virus? Share in the comments section!

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