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Benefits of Wireless Security Cameras and How They Keep You Safer

Home and office security is sadly an absolute must these days. Improving your door locks and adding security gates is all well and fine, but have you considered a wireless camera system with remote viewing

You may already have an existing hardwired camera system, but to prevent criminals from accessing your stuff, are you satisfied that your camera system is indeed sufficient? While some systems are perfectly fine, technology advancements have made a lot of them outdated and you should consider updating to wireless. We shall go over 4 benefits of Wireless Security Cameras and how they keep you safer. Let’s get cracking.


No Wires

Wireless Security Camera

Obviously the first massive advantage is NO WIRES! Businesses that still use cabled camera systems run the risk of being targeted by criminals prepared with wire cutters. Installation of wireless cameras is astonishingly quick and easy. The lack of wires also gives you complete control of angling each individual camera to a desired area. Installation of wired cameras involves drilling and mounting and is generally a time-consuming practice. 

The lack of wires gives you an increased amount of flexibility since it now allows you to place the cameras absolutely anywhere. This also means not having to worry about needing to place them anywhere near an electrical outlet. Installing wired cameras requires you to scope out the best areas to place them, while also having to consider the wiring, mounting and how much area the camera can see. 

With wireless, this problem is eliminated, because if you discover that one spot is unsuitable, you can simply move the camera to a better location. Additionally, being wireless means you can place the cameras where they are practically hidden from view, but still give you bird’s eye views! Basically, your only restriction with wireless camera placement would be your imagination.

Your Footage is Secure

Wireless Security Camera

Most wireless camera systems record footage and saves it to cloud storage. This makes it ultra-safe from anyone wanting to potentially eliminate incriminating footage. Top-notch encryption also keeps your surveillance footage safe from cyber criminals. 

A lot of today’s wireless systems come equipped with motion sensors, which activate when they, obviously, sense motion. The moment motion triggers the sensor, the camera begins recording and sending out alerts. Using this technique reduces the amount of data being stored, saving you disc space. 

Remote Access

Wireless Security Camera

A wonderful feature of some wireless surveillance systems is the ability to access your live footage via your smartphone. You will require a Wi-Fi router and the app on your smartphone or tablet. Also, make sure that you purchase a system that is compatible with your phone. It’s also a good idea to investigate if you can view your live feed from a web browser. 

With a wireless system you do require a receiver, but without the limitations of wires, this makes it possible for the receiver to be quite a distance away from the cameras. Depending on the system you buy, the receiver can be placed anywhere from 700 ft. to a couple of miles away. The signal can also go through walls made of various materials, such as wood, glass and metal. 


As with all things, there are advantages and disadvantages, and wireless camera systems definitely have some cons. Let’s go over a few of them.

Can Be Expensive

Wireless Security Camera

Due to the advantages and ease of use of wireless systems, the demand for them is high. Features that make the system actually wireless though, come at a cost. While installing these systems on your own would save you some money, it’s not recommended. The technological advances of these systems encourages you to have the system professionally installed. The professional would also be able to teach you about the system and how to use it effectively.

Related to cost, a lot of the kits come with a set number of cameras, and depending on your requirements, this may not be enough. Just because that one camera in the hall can see everything, if you need to zoom in you run the risk of pixelating your image and not getting a clear picture of any perpetrators.

Runs on Batteries

Wireless Security Camera

Even though camera batteries should last a long time, they will require replacement at some point. Low battery power puts your system at risk.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your requirements are, weigh up all the pros and cons and consider going wireless. It is an investment and should see you safe and secure for years to come.

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