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Best hair masks for different type of hair

Hair masks are the concoctions that are to be applied before washing hair. Hair masks are used for various purposes, such as hair growth, dandruff removal, even for making hair shiny. The ingredients of a hair mask vary depending upon the purpose. Here is a list of best hair marks for different type of hair.

Your choice of moisturizer or mask, if well considered, can be the greatest benefit for the health of your hair and your salon Hairstylist can help you choose what is best.

best hair masks

How to Make a Hair Mask?

Decide what problems you are aiming to fix with your hair. Then you can decide on which ingredients will be right for you. Have a look at the list below to give you a general idea of what hair type category you fit into.

Dry: looks dull, has split ends, damages easily, breaks easily. This could be due to damages or just lack of oil production.

Oily: becomes greasy if not washed daily, loses its shine and swish throughout the day.

Combination: Oily at the roots, but dry and damaged towards the ends. This is often due to over-styling.

Normal: doesn’t have many problems, usually looks shiny, not many splits ends, easy to manage. This type may not need a hair mask though.

Make a selection of ingredients from the advice below and make your mask. Then, wash your hair as normal, but don’t apply conditioner, just stop after shampooing. Squeeze out all the excess moisture from your hair with a comb. Then, take your mask (make it in a bowl), and apply evenly through the hair. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Finish with a cool( but not cold) rinse to close the hair follicle. Follow these instructions unless indicated to do differently with any of the ingredients below.

Dry/damaged hair:

These ingredients will aim to provide much-needed oil and moisturisation to help protect against further damage and give your hair some shine back. Mix and match depending on what you have available and what matches your specific needs.


best hair masks

Avocado is one of the natures greatest moisturiser, packed full of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E and vitamin B, and its’ natural oils will give your hair the moisture it lacking. Use about half of the avocado, mash it, use on its own or with other ingredients.


best hair masks

Rich in vitamins and oils, especially good for improving hair elasticity, therefore preventing split ends and breakage, and also good for dandruff. Mash about half a banana, mash it and apply directly on your hair. Freezing and thawing the banana before use, can help to reduce lumps, which are difficult to wash out hair.

Clear Honey:

best hair masks

Honey is moisturising and has the ability to cling to moisture making it suitable for dry hair. Be aware that it also lightens the colour of your hair. Use as much as necessary( not too much or you will be left with sticky hair), can be mixed into other ingredients such as avocado or banana.


best hair masks

It may sound disgusting, but it is made of eggs, vinegar and oil, all three of which have been used for many years to give volume, shine, and hydration to hair. For dry and damaged hair it’s the best to use is to mix it with avocado, although it can be used alone.

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