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7 Top Inspirational Books Every College Student Must Read

College days considered to be the quintessential time to explore the vast world of literature and expand your knowledge. If you are an avid reader it is most likely that you have a huge reading list or if you were gone back in school days and lost the habit of reading in the twists and turns of life you must now think of rekindling the habit of reading and make good use of your college days. Keeping that in mind here goes a list of Top inspirational books that you must read while in college.

1. Small Move, Big Change: Using micro resolutions to transform your life permanently

Top inspirational books

Written by Caroline L. Arnold is a work of self-help. This work explains why we usually fail to pursue with the transitions in our life that we want to make it explains that we fall short because we fail to shape our will or resoluteness through a practice that is attainable. Instead of shaping the will we target on “micro resolutions” – small-easy-to-keep engagements that add up to massive change.

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2. This Side Of Paradise

Top inspirational books

One of the most celebrated classics that every student must read while in college. Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this classic novel is an amusing and colorful piece of work that unfolds the story of a Princeton student who suddenly after graduation becomes disenchanted with life.

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3. Predictably Irrational: The Hidden forces that shape our Decisions

Top inspirational books

Predictably Irrational is a brilliant novel written by Dan Ariely depicts the men’s world. This book deals with what is good for us, having free will, acting upon it, reconcile about our life, but in the end, it is seen that these are all the factors that get us into trouble. The unresolved mystery lies in the questions like what kind of choices we should bear in mind which would shape our life along with our understanding. Excited?

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Read the novel to unravel the secret.

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4. Looking For Alaska

Top inspirational books

Looking for Alaska, the celebrated novel by John Green is witty, amusing, intriguing and a surprising one. The story is about ‘Miles’, a high school junior in boarding school in Alabama. While studying Miles fell for an imp dream girl, ‘Alaska’ who is slightly freak. John Green’s offbeat style of writing depicts the lives of the teenagers of today. From drinking, chain-smoking and sex advice, playing pranks on Green colors the book with today’s reality. This book teaches a lot about human emotions like love, recovery, guilt, and friendship conjointly.

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5. To Kill A Mocking Bird

Top inspirational books


This is a masterpiece by Harper Lee. Many of us must have read it in our high schools. This piece talks about racism and racial inequality which was prevalent in the preceding society. It had awarded a Pulitzer Prize and has classic modern of American Literature.

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6. Brave New World

Top inspirational books

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It portrays the dingy and ridiculing view at a utopian future where individuals do not fit into the system. Youngsters need to read this book and question whether it is more important to accept things as they have been or to fight for the things that make us contented.

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 7. One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Top inspirational books

This celebrated novel is written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is a valuable book for every student which provides precious lesson about the importance of friends and family.

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Do you know any other motivations books for college students, let us know in the comment section.

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Awesome article ! thank you very much .

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Some of my favorite books! Great list, perfect for gift giving.

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Good recommendations…
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Reading as a habbit is dying down…even students who read prefer generally the thrillers ..anyways life is all about motivation..


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