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5 Best Hospice Care Centers in LA

Hospice care has helped a number of people who suffered from fatal diseases. It has helped to make their remaining days of life more relaxing and peaceful. Apart from that, this type of care has also helped their families to cope up with the loss of their loved ones.

Simply put, there are numerous benefits of hospice care but they can only be availed if one gets them from a reliable care center. Wondering how to find one? If you live in LA, there is nothing to worry as we have got you covered. This post contains details of 5 best hospice care centers LA. Several important factors including services offered, charges, facilities, patient signup using HIPAA compliant electronic signature etc. have been considered while drafting this list.

Continue reading to know about the 5 best hospice care centers in LA:

5. Hospice Touch

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Founded in 2012, Hospice Touch quickly rose to fame because of the top care and support they offer to terminally ill people. They have earned a great reputation for their quick response and efficient services. They have a nurse on call 24×7 for the patient. Furthermore, they also assist with memorial preparations. Along with the patient, their family also gets counseling and bereavement to deal with the loss.

The only limitation of their services is that they arrange this care for the patient in their homes. They do not cater to the patients who want this care in assisted living centers or nursing homes.

4. Los Angeles Hospice

Los Angeles Hospice is known to offer great emotional support and care to the patient who has only six or fewer months left to live. Apart from that, they also offer spiritual and social support to the patients and their families. They have highly qualified specialists who have years of experience in dealing with patients who are terminally ill.

3. St Jude Hospice

Saint Jude Hospice not only operates in LA but they have six other hospice care centers in a total of four states. They offer in-home hospice care to patients who suffer from incurable diseases. Once a patient has consented that they do not want to go ahead with other treatments, they can opt for St Jude Hospice. The specialists there make sure the patient and their families get maximum comfort, care, and support.

The best part of getting hospice care from St Jude Hospice is that they accept insurance. Therefore, those who cannot bear the expenses of hospice due to financial issues, they can still top quality hospice care from St Jude if they are covered by an insurance policy.

2. Sunlight Hospice

Sunlight Hospice offers free consultations. They have certified and experienced hospice specialists. This hospice care center is available for the patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All these exceptional features have landed them a prominent spot in this list of the best hospice care centers located in LA.

Families of patients who had gotten hospice care from Sunlight Hospice have nothing but good things to say about this center.

1. Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care

The top spot in this list is held by Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care. One of the major reasons due to which they have claimed the numero uno position is the range of services they offer for the betterment of the patient. From light housekeeping to general and nursing care, companionship to assistance with routine chores, meal preparation to help with toileting, Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care does it all for the patient.

They offer free initial consultation after which they map out a complete hospice care plan for the patient as per their needs and requirement. Regular visits from doctors and nurses are an integral part of this plan. They aim to make the remaining time of the patient in this world most relaxing and comfortable for them. Moreover, they also provide emotional support to their families as well.

Final Thoughts

Finding a reliable hospice care center can prove to be great trouble. After all, no one wants anything less than the best for their loved one especially when they are in the last stage of life. We are sure this list of the best hospice care centers will help you in finding the right one that meets your needs. 

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