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Small Flat vs Big House – Which One Fits You Better?

Small flats are getting more and more common, and big suburban houses are getting rarer and rarer. This is primarily driven by technological advances and the economic advantages of creating high-density housing. Some people like big houses but don’t want to face the hassles of buying and selling the house. While a lot of people are sad about what they see as an irrevocable change to their neighborhood and lifestyle, there are a lot of advantages of having a small flat, and this article will explore a few of them: 

Having Access to More Services 

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High-density housing makes it attractive for the government and private companies to expand to that place. When you’re living in big houses in the suburbs, there are not a lot of people around you, and this means restaurants, cafés, and other businesses in the area don’t have a lot of people to sell to, and consequently, there won’t be a lot of services in your idea. On the other hand, high-density small flats offer a lot of space for a lot of people, and the businesses around the area will have the potential to market themselves to all of those people. This encourages businesses, and you’ll notice there are markets and restaurants all around you. 

The same concept applies to public transportation. You won’t see a lot of tram lines and buses going to suburban areas, and without having a car or two, you’ll be completely out of the water. While in a small flat, you’ll be able to make use of cheap public transportation and save a lot of money

Time Spent Taking Care of the House 

Owning a house isn’t an easy job – you need to spend time maintaining the doors, windows, and the roof, you need to spend time cleaning the furniture and the house, and you need to spend time organizing the attic and ensuring your house is properly sealed off. All of this takes a lot of time and money, and if you don’t absolutely require a big house (because you have a big family), it most often isn’t worth it. Some people buy big houses only when they can be sure there’s a cleaning service nearby. This is an additional cost, but it makes managing a big house much easier. 

Spending Less Money on Designing the House You Want 

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When you have a big house, you naturally need to spend more money on furniture to fill up your home and design it. While if you have the money to do so is great, if you don’t require a big house, you’re essentially wasting money furnishing rooms you’ll almost never use. On the other hand, if you buy a small flat, you’ll be able to spend a substantial amount of money on high gloss living room furniture, and you can design the rooms however you want, easily buying high-quality stylish furniture for all the rooms. 

This also means when people visit you, even though your house is smaller, they’ll be impressed with the designs of your rooms and the quality of the items. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and a small flat proves that. 

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