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Top 20 Best Rajnikanth Movies of all time | Top Films of Rajnikanth

11. Arunachalam

Arunachalam | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.7

Year – 1992


The movie is based on a famous novel.

The film opened in April 1997 to positive reviews from film critics and went on to win three Tamil awards. The movie was appreciated by the critics as well as was well taken by the audiences. The Star cast is amazing and the movie is worth watching.

12. Billa


IMDb Rating – 7.4

Year – 1980


The storyline revolves around a man named Billa. He’s a fearless and ruthless Mafia don in the very land of Madras, who is fatally wounded during an encounter with the police. Wanting to reveal  Billa’s accomplices, DSP Alexander trains a lookalike simpleton Rajappa who is supposed to pose as Billa and infiltrate the gang to take them down later in the process. The story is amazing and the direction of the film is plausible.

13. Aarilirindhu Aruvathu Varai

Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai | Best RAJINIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 8.4

Year – 1979


The film is a portrayal of the life of a guy named Santhanam. Who is the eldest son of a poor widow who faces numerous hardships to make ends meet? He spends the first half of his life toiling the whole day and night to provide his younger siblings with education and spends the second half watching them leading smooth lives, while he continues his struggle for survival alone. The story portrayed the struggle of a poor man who is determined to protect his family.

14. Apoorva Raagangal

Apoorva Raagangal | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.5

Year – 1975


It revolves around a young man named Prasanna who falls in love with a  much older Bhairavi while Bhairavi’s daughter Ranjani (Jayasudha) is drawn to Prasanna’s father Mahendran. The movie has won three national film awards and many more. The movie was appreciated for Portraying such a different concept which was well taken by the audiences.

15. Chandramukhi

Chandramukhi | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.1

Year – 2005


The movie surrounds a doctor who helps his friend and his wife who suffers from her unconsciousness. The movie was a blockbuster. It was the first Tamil movie to be dubbed in Germany. The movie was remade many times with different titles. The Hindi remake was also a blockbuster in Indian cinema.

16. Pathinaru Vayathinile

16 Vayathinile | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 8

Year – 1977


The storyline focuses on the plus points and the vulnerabilities of Mayil, a 16-Year-old school going teenage girl. She has some difficulties which she faces and overcomes with time. The movie is backed with many famous awards. The star cast is amazing. The Direction of the movie is remarkable.

17. Mannan

Mannan | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 7.2

Year – 1992


 The story revolves around two completely different people. Krishnan and Shanti Devi, meet at the airport and their first meeting ends on a hard note. Krishnan learns that his mother is suffering from paralysis, he then quits his job in Bombay and decides to stay in Madras to take care of his ailing mother. He soon falls in love with Meena. After some turns of events, Krishna and Shanthi get married. The Star cast is amazing. The movie was taken greatly by the audiences.

18. Paayum Puli

Paayum Puli | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 6.7

Year – 1985


The film paints the story of a meek young man,  who learns martial arts to seek vengeance from a gang of nefarious criminals who murdered his beloved sister. The movie is filled with action and is a worthwhile thriller. The star cast is amazing and the production of the movie is remarkable.

19. Nallavanukku Nallavan

Nallavanukku Nallavan | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 7

Year – 1985


The film moves around a worker who has bequeathed his late boss’s business and is earning the wrath of the boss’s son who believes he swindled his father’s business for selfish reasons. The movie is full of drama and action. The movie has received many nominations. The storyline is interesting and the star cast has done an amazing job.

20. Kabali

Kabali | Best RAJNIKANTH Movies

IMDb Rating – 6.2

Year – 2016


The movie follows a man named Kabali, an aged gangster, once freed from prison, seeking exact revenge upon his rivals while also looking out for his wife and daughter. The movie was a major success both in the cinemas and commercially. It is one of Rajnikant’s best movies to date. The talent of the Star cast is worth watching in this very hit blockbuster.

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