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Best Thai Nightclubs To Brighten Your Romantic Vacation.

Who said that a trip to Thailand with your beloved partner must include lying on a beach and scuba diving only? They must be very boring people because Thailand gives the brightest opportunities for an unbelievable vacation to any type of travelers. According to the users of J4L who can’t live without traveling, attending nightclubs is a quite fascinating experience even on a romantic trip. For experienced and open-minded couples, this is the way to meet new people, get more positive emotions, and just relax.

Now, imagine the whole spectrum of impressions in Thai clubs! Its partying scene is considered one of the most impressive in Asia and probably in the whole world. The Thai’s definitely know how to party and you can’t miss this. Check out our list of the best clubs in the best city of Bangkok:

1. Sing Sing Theater: 

To begin with, look at the most fashionable and luxurious spots in Bangkok. Sing Sing Theater stands out for its impeccable glamorous interior with hanging lanterns, neon, and oriental patterns. But there’s always something more. In the club, you can feel like it’s the real holiday any time of the week. The atmosphere of the masquerade for the chosen ones is always here. The best DJ’s of the planet are the regular guests here, as well as the best cabaret dancers and performers. Regardless the little space and quite high prices, it’s always crowded here.

2. Beam:

The club is a Mecca for the lovers of the best EDM and hip-hop. It’s divided into two levels:  hip-hop is playing on the first and house is playing on the second. But what makes Beam so special? The nightclub owns the best sound system in the city. Music almost penetrates inside your body through the dozens of speakers when you dance. Add the greatest light shows with lasers and exclusive DJ sets with no annoying pop-hits and you will get the formula of an unforgettable night.

Beam nightclub

3. Glow: 

If you’re fond of underground dance music and feel tired of mainstream EDM, this place if for you. Due to its specific orientation, Glow is way smaller than all other clubs in Bangkok. However, it’s always filled with the fans of sophisticated music. What does it give to the visitors? Of course, it’s the feeling of unity and closeness to adherents. Sometimes, it’s so crowded here that people dance just in few inches from the DJ. If you want more space, there’s the second level above.

4. Onyx:

Look for a spectacular show and total musical insanity? Visit Onyx nightclub. It can welcome more than 2500 visitors in a night and that’s why the loudest parties and the most popular performers are the biggest pride of the club. Whenever you come here, be sure to be a part of the brightest show in your life with a fantastic laser shows, loudest beats, and incredibly friendly audience. Don’t miss a high-class party when you visit Bangkok with your darling or a group of friends.

5. Sugar EDM:

it is the most popular genre in every country’s night scene. But the hip-hop lovers also make a huge part of nightlife, and Sugar club gives everything they need. It welcomes both local and world-famous performers, DJ’s and MC’s.  Here, everything is created on the highest level: sound, lights, live dance crew, and the bar. The balance between the locals and tourists make this place extremely attractive for everyone who’s looking for new interesting connections. Recommend to book in advance cause this is the best hip-hop club in the city and the demand is very high!

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