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Dentures Vs Dental Implants: Which One is the Right Fit for You?

Missing teeth from an accident or due to aging can make the brightest of smiles a sore sight. The gap between teeth ends up making smiles incomplete.

In the US, more than 35 million individuals have either their upper or lower jaw missing all their teeth. Luckily for them, there are dental solutions, dental implants or dentures, to help them replace the missing teeth. These not only restore an individual’s smile but also their confidence. But choosing which of the two is right for you can be tough. Don’t worry, we breakdown both the treatments for which will help you in your decision.

What are dentures?

When it comes to dentures, you have three options:

  • Partial: this type of denture is recommended when a tooth or a few teeth are missing.
  • Full: this type of denture is recommended with all the teeth on the lower or upper jaw are missing.
  • Complete: this type of denture is an option when all the teeth are missing from both the lower and upper jaw.

Dentures are removable and need to be removed and cleaned every night. How the denture stays on the jaw depends on the type of denture used for the treatment. Partial dentures rely on the remaining teeth in the mouth for support. While full dentures rely on either suction, tight fitting, and muscle control. If you’re seeking dentures in Ocala, FL, it is recommended to choose a dentist who has previously treated someone in your circle. This way you can be sure about what you’re getting.

What are dental implants?

Implants are a different solution altogether as they require a titanium fixture, similar to a screw, which is fitted in the jaw. The fixture becomes part of the jaw and acts as an anchor for the teeth that are to be fitted. Like dentures, they can be partial or full. Implants can be used as a treatment for almost anyone. The only requirement is that they have enough bone present in their jaw that can hold the titanium fixture.

Implants are fitted into your mouth through surgery. Those that are afraid of “going under the knife” may be weary but the treatment is usually pain-free. The treatment has a success rate of around 98% so there is no need to worry. It does also require a period of 6 to 12 weeks for healing after the treatment.

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Comfort and Fitting

When it comes to getting your teeth replaced, you not only want them to look natural but also want to ensure they fit and feel comfortable. This is where implants tend to shine over dentures. But don’t completely count dentures out.


Implants are securely placed in the jaw which means that they won’t move around or slip while you eat or talk. Dentures, on the other hand, aren’t as securely fitted. But keep in mind that experienced dentists tend to provide better-fitted dentures. This is because they have the experience and knowledge to properly measure your jaw and make the dentures accordingly.

So when it comes to comfort and fitting, implants are usually better for both. But dentures aren’t too far behind.


Dentures, whatever type they may be, are generally lower in cost than dental implants. But keep in mind that maintenance of dentures adds to the cost as you have to buy cleaning solutions and fixatives. There is also a need to have dentures replaced around the 10 to 15-year mark whereas implants can last up to 25 years. To get a proper costing of the two, you can contact your dentist but as treatment dentures are lower in cost.

Picking the Right Solution for You

When it comes to picking the right solution for yourself, it completely depends on your preference. Dentures is a solution that has been used for decades and one that has left millions satisfied. The fact that is it removable gives users the ease to take them off whenever they feel like it.

At the same time, dental implants in the past decade or so has started to gain a lot of traction. This is due to the fact that it is a long lasting solution which also preserves your jawbone.

So when it comes to deciding between the two, what needs to be considered is the cost, your health, and the timeframe of how long you would want to solution to last. Of course, a permanent solution would be more suitable but you have to take cost into consideration when deciding.

In either case, you want to make sure you go to a reputable and experienced dentist that specializes in the treatment you decide on. This will ensure that no matter what solution you opt for, you get the treatment you need for a beautiful smile.

Author Bio:

DDS Benjamin Nelson is a family dentist in Ocala with over 20 years of practicing experience. Benjamin believes that by spreading and sharing dental care tips we could help each other in improving oral health as well reduce dental visits.


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