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5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling | Best Traveling Jobs

We are all waiting for a vacation to finally take a break from the hard-working days. And it would be a great idea to pick up a rental car and go on a road trip, for example, to the Rocky Mountains. The large selection of Denver Jeep rentals makes it possible to choose the best car for your vacation. You will enjoy hundreds of miles in your rental car and have a great time. 

However, would you like your trip to be not only exciting but also cost-effective? Yes, it’s possible to do so as you can make money while traveling. Here’re some of the easiest ways:

1. Photo Stocks

Photo Stocks | 5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling | Best Travelling Jobs | TrendPickle

If you take beautiful photos and you have at least the simplest DSLR camera, make money on photo stocks! The most famous are Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. The general rules for working with stocks are as follows: you register, upload high-quality photos (usually at least 2 MB each photo), add captions to the photo, and wait for sales. 

If one of the stock users bought your photo, you get money. Beginners are better to work with Adobe Stock – there you will start earning right away. The fact is that at Shutterstock you need to pass a kind of exam – send 10 photos and wait for the approval. If the site administrator approves your images, you can work with Shutterstock. 

The most affordable travel shots are food and landscape photos. It’s a little more complicated in case the photographs contain people’s faces. You have to get their consent if you want to sell such a photo. 

More likely you won’t immediately start making big money on the photo stock. Some people take months to complete their portfolio and earn their first $100. But over time, you can earn up to $1,000 per month.

2. Masterclasses or Lectures

Lectures | 5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling | Best Travelling Jobs | TrendPickle

If you think about it, each person has certain skills and useful knowledge. Someone knows how to promote in social networks, someone – the basics of makeup, some can conduct training on self-presentation or osteopathic sessions. All this can make money while traveling to you. 

Many educational institutions and private companies need informal workshops and lectures to interest students, attract new visitors, etc. So, realizing the desire to make money is not difficult. Using social networks, you need to contact the institutions and describe the features and depth of your knowledge, skills, achievements, and experience in a particular area. 

You can also share the announcement in regional communities to attract a local organizer. Usually, the cost of work is a certain percentage of the price of admission tickets.

3. Freelance Job

Freelancing | 5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling | Best Travelling Jobs | TrendPickle

Not everyone likes a relaxing vacation. Many travelers are looking for something to do during their trip. Perhaps you are in luck and your profession allows you to work remotely. If you are a programmer, journalist, or web designer, there will be no difficulties. 

However, if your profession doesn’t allow you to work remotely? Then you can grab a laptop and try to find a suitable job. There are many directions in remote work – translation, maintaining a text or video blog, processing photos, writing texts, filling online stores, maintaining commercial accounts on social networks, and much more. Moreover, you can work both lying on the beach and in a hotel room. Choose the best place for inspiration!

4. Parcel Delivery 

Parcel Deliveries | 5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling | Best Travelling Jobs | TrendPickle

Someone orders their favourite crabs from Baltimore, someone wants to give a gift, and someone needs to urgently deliver documents to another city. And people are even willing to pay for a person to take their package to a certain place. If you are just going there, why not make money? 

Submit your trip to a specialized website like Grabr. Indicate how much you want to receive for delivery. Sometimes you only need to pick up the item and give it to the recipient, but sometimes you need to buy it yourself. In the second case, feel free to ask for a higher reward.

5. Trip Report

Trip Report | 5 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling | Best Travelling Jobs | TrendPickle

You travel a lot, know interesting sights in this or that city, and at the same time, like to write? Before your trip, contact a website, blog, or media outlet. Tell them that you are going on a trip and are ready to provide them with valuable travel information. The main thing is to discuss everything in advance so that you know what information to look for: whether you need instructions on where to eat for cheap or a list of places where locals go. Or maybe they need ways to save money and reviews of unique museums. 

Many media outlets rewrite information from other sites, so unique content from a direct traveler is very valuable. Someone pays for the number of characters, someone – at a negotiated price for each article. 

By the way, you can also make money with travel planning services like Timescenery or IQPlanner. Have you just arrived from a trip? Add information about this place, its local hotels, restaurants, and your itinerary to the website. Every time a user books something based on your itinerary, the site pays you money.

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