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12 Everyday Habits You Need to Give Up Immediately!

Everyone wants to be productive and lead a healthy life. But what if your daily habits become a barrier for you to achieve this goal? Consciously or unconsciously there are things that you might be doing instinctively without counting on its adversity. Let’s find out what are these and promise ourselves to quit them immediately. Here, are 12 habits that you need to stop right now:

Stress Eating:

Bad Habbits

It is not like excessive eating is going to cure your problems but rather would add on it, as emotional eating leads to excessive eating to such an extent that you may go out of your way to find food. This births many health issues including obesity, the hub of illness. It’s better to choose a healthy alternative to release stress like going for a walk, or dancing, or writing about it in a diary as it not only releases stress but researches prove that it also boosts up memory.

Hanging out with negative people:

Bad Habbits

“Keep your enemy closer” may sound pleasing but the philosophy is doing you only harm. You must know or hang around with people who are the devil’s advocate to all your ideas, goals, basically everything you do. Since we are our greatest critic we don’t really need other people consistently pointing out our flaws. More than carving the way for betterment it usually leads to self-doubt and a feeling that we are not good enough. This very feeling can have grave effects on your psychological health. Here is the complete guide on how to protect your aura from negative energy.

Eating Junk Food:

Bad Habbits

Your busy life may not let you have a proper balanced meal every day, thus, you resort to the tastiest evil, giving way to this junk in your body. But this switching of diet leads to establishment all the ill effects in your body. Thus, you must quit it as soon as possible. Instead resort to clever ideas to have healthy food. Carrying tiffin, or having fruits when you are late. And best, avoiding laziness in order to have a proper meal on time.

Nail Biting:

Bad Habbits

A lot of you may have this unhygienic habit of biting your nails, and it surely is addictive. But addictions can never be good. Apart from being unhygienic it’s socially repelling, leads to dental problems like malocclusion of anterior teeth, stomach problems, and of course makes your fingernails look ugly. Since this habit gets triggered usually when one is stressed so to avoid it you can pick up another positive hobby to reduce it.

Excessive Coffee:

Bad Habbits

Coffee aroma always lures you if you are a coffee person, but having more coffee can damage not only your physical health but also cause problems of insomnia birthing psychological health issues as well. So, replace your coffee with something more healthy like juice, kombucha tea, coconut water, or just plain milk.

Being in an Unhealthy Relationship:

Bad Habbits

On one hand where healthy relations bestow you with all the happiness, but on the other an healthy relation has the potential to complicate your life to such an extent that it may make you forget if you ever were familiar with peace of mind. Though no matter however a relation is, it’s always hard to get over people, but you must learn to prioritise your happiness. If you ever feel your partner is abusive or tormenting your self-image then it’s time to move on. Practice self-love and cut yourself out of the toxicity.


Bad Habbits

Maybe you started it for fun, or just an experiment, or forced by your peers, whatever be the reason but it’s important to give up on your addiction. It harms your physical health as well as deteriorates your mental health. It can beget cancer, impotency, skin aging, yellowing of teeth, mental breakdowns, and the worst that it can extend its reach to strangle your loved ones too. Moreover, it’s one of the leading cause of preventable death globally. To give up smoking you can consider Nicotine replacement therapy. Besides, lean on your loved ones to help you and pick up something engaging to distract yourself.


Bad Habbits

If you always leave your work for the last minute then it’s time to change your habit. Taking whole lot of stress on one single moment is not smartness, it’s just exhaustive, body damaging, and drains out the mental peace. In fact when you leave the work for last moment, while enjoying other stuffs also your brain consistently remains in a hyper-tense mode, stressing about the work left undone. To solve this issue start today, plan your work, be proactive, and use your last minute to sit and enjoy the peace that you will get after completion of your task.

Late sleeping:

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Living in the world of Netflix it has become very normal to stay up late night to watch all your favourite series. But this normalisation of unhealthy lifestyle leads to chronic sleep deprivation that can cause dramatic effects on your lifestyle, impacting mental wellbeing, increasing risk of depression, anxiety, and even low self-esteem. Apart from that it also affects your academic or professional performance. So, for your own sake start sleeping on time because the cliché line “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” isn’t that cliché but holds reality in itself.

 Living to Please Others:

Bad Habbits

Of course you should take care of people around you, but stop being obsessed to please everyone around because that certainly is impossible. So, be your own boss and don’t always look for approval. In the attempt to fit in you might end up losing your original self. It’s better to do what you like even if it displeases others because if they can’t accept you then those around you will someday turn out to be toxic, or your own habit will feed into the negativity.

Worrying About Factors Beyond Your Control:

Anxiety and stress are very much prevalent in our generation, but worrying about things that we can’t control is just going to feed to these evils. And if your stress pertains for a longer period of time then it may result into chronic anxiety manifesting itself into physical symptoms like breathing issues, ulcer, and heart diseases. Ever thought overthinking can harm you to this extent? But now you know, so take charge and stay away from it.

Sticking to TV:

Bad Habbits

No one can live without entertainment, without it life would be monotonous. But even too much of entertainment is harmful, especially sitting in front of the TV for way too long. First of all, it’s not good for your eyes, and that comfy couch makes your back weak too. It’s better to search for an alternative, which shouldn’t be your phone or laptop, as they are equally harmful. Instead, go out to meet your friends, laugh with them, enjoy, get entertained, and stay healthy.

Which bad habit you are planning to say good bye in 2019? Let us know in the comments section!

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