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How to achieve success in Life? – The beginners guide

How to be successful? How to achieve your dreams & passion?

Isn’t it the question that arises every time in your mind?

Did you find the answer to ‘HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN LIFE’?

I am sure you will find several quotes to make you believe that what true success really means and how does it feels like when you have achieved it?

For you, I would like to state one of the famous quotes to be as:-

‘ Hard work is the key to success ‘

But does hard work is all you need to be successful?

Well, hard work is obligatory but it is not the only thing to achieve success. There are plenty of things that will help you to tackle every obstacle in your way.

Each individual has their own definition of success.

For some people ‘Earning more and working in flexible hours is a success’ whereas for some becoming cynosure, winning awards, traveling or exploring the world is a success.

There are numerous definitions of success, but no matter how you define it, the fundamentals of how to achieve success in life remain the same.

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Success demands six things:-

1). Hard work

Without hard work, you wouldn’t able to taste the real flavor of success. As we all know hard work is the key feature to achieve goals. It shows how dedicated you are towards your dreams.

2). Struggle

You have to put a lot of struggles to achieve your goals, as it is well said that “no pain no gain”. Struggles are like washing machines, they twist, spin and knock us around but, in the end, we come out cleaner, brighter, and better than yesterday.

3). Patience

Patience helps you to get better each day, week, month, and decade. Patience is nothing but your ability to deal with all the obstacles calmly, the power not to give up, the strength that pushes you to fight back with more energy each time you are pushed down. There is no time that one can set to achieve one’s goal. In the rollercoaster journey of success, you may come across many failures, struggles, and sacrifices but it’s the patience that keeps you together and focused on your goals.

4). Sacrifice

 If you determined to achieve your desired goals then you must learn to sacrifice. Time is precious it never waits for anyone. One needs to learn to get out of their comfort zone.

5). Faith

It is the most vital part to be successful. Believe in yourself dreams, in your abilities, your hard work. Stop procrastinating, There are millions of people crying to get one more chance.

6). Passion

 If you are determinedly passionate about your dreams. No one can stop you.

Here are also a few tips to achieve your dreams, goals, and to develop a path of success:-

Dream big to achieve your long term goals:-

 No one can stop you from dreaming, So dream big. I strongly believe that It is not important to plan, not important to work hard, It is important to dream and believe in your dream.

Focus on commitment, not motivation:-

 Be committed, and diligent towards your goals, and motivation will follow. Don’t wait for any motivation. Be your own motivator, Start today, start now.

Make a plan or blueprint for success:-

To achieve your desired goals, planning is imperative. Plan What, When and How things are to be done.

Be optimistic:- 

Stop degrading yourself, failure, struggles are the part of success. Be optimistic. If someone else could do it so can you.

Make the journey fun and adventurous:-

Stop interpreting that you are unable to do this, Make our journey full of fun and adventurous. Don’t stop when you’re tired, Stop when you are done.

Seek knowledge rather than results:- 

Always remember, If you only focus on results your motivation will be dead in a minute. All your determination, hard work, efforts all will go in vain. So focus on learning, experimenting, exploring and improving. This will not only improve yourself to be a better person but also develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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