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How to choose the perfect watch for you?

Today, watches are not only a tiny and precise timing device. It is an important ornament on people’s bodies. What’s more, it becomes a symbol of people’s status. In life and normal business activities, it is important to choose a watch that suits you. To choose the perfect watch, one must first understand the watch.

As we all know, watches are divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches. The mechanical watch relies on the clockwork as power to drive the gear. Then to rotate and then push the watch needle to display time. Quartz watches rely on the stable oscillation frequency of quartz crystals to drive the motor to rotate. Then the pointer displays the time. Quartz watches do not have the same wear problem as mechanical watches. The number of drills in the movement is small. The biggest advantage of quartz watches is high time accuracy. It is more convenient to wear. It is easy to make it very thin and small. Quartz watches are more suitable for people who require high time accuracy. Mechanical watches are more technological and have higher collection and appreciation values. The thickness of the watchcase is large. Most mechanical women’s watches have lower time accuracy than men’s watches.

Watch movement is the core component of the watch. It is the heart of the watch. Similarly, movements are divided into mechanical movements and quartz movements. The mechanical movement is powered by the clockwork in the movement to drive the gear and then the pointer. The mechanical movement can be divided into manual winding movement and automatic winding movement. Quartz movement: The stable high-frequency vibration of quartz crystal is used as the time reference to control the time accuracy.

Finding a brand suitable for you from the budget is important. Watch is a single item with high added value. Brand is one of the important factors that affect prices. Watches with similar functions and materials will have different prices according to different brands.

Be sure to choose a watch that suits you. When buying watches, you have different choices due to different mentality. Some people will choose imported famous brand watches, while others pay more attention to their duration, good quality and low price. Some people only choose beautiful appearance, modeling and style, while others lay stress on the function of watches. The brand, style and size of the watch you choose should be suitable for you. It should be combined with your own work, cultural accomplishment, hobbies, economic level and skin color as much as possible. Try not to buy watches for others unless you know what brand and style they want. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to buy a suitable watch for others.

Finally, there is the choice of place to buy watches. Switzerland is not necessarily the cheapest place. Although Switzerland owns the vast majority of watch brands in the world, it can even be called the “watch kingdom”. However, judging from the purchase of watches, what you buy in Switzerland is not the cheapest. As a shopping center in the world, UK has great advantages in the price of many things. So choosing to buy Watch in UK is a good.

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