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Why You Should Have Signature Cologne

Do you wear cologne? If you’ve never worn cologne, it’s time to buy one. Cologne defines your personality, and it identifies you from others. Also, it’s a unique way to leave people thinking about you. Certainly, there is that one colleague at your workplace that you can identify as the best smelling guy. So, why shouldn’t you have a unique way for your colleagues to identify you?

However, signature cologne should stand out and should leave an impression. So, think it through before you purchase one. Here are some tips to help you choose a signature scent:

1. Start with a few numbers of scent

Signature Cologne

Before you settle on one fragrance, you need to try a number of them. So, wear each scent for some time before trying another smell. Once you’re through with the rotation, you will know which works best for your personality. Cologne such as Creed Cologne is an excellent sample to start with. You can wear the fragrance throughout the year and for any occasion.

2. Learn the terms associated with cologne

Signature Cologne

When you go shopping for cologne, you will be asked whether you want a top, heart, or base kind of cologne. Each of the three words defines how dominating the cologne is. Heart tone cologne is the one that is balanced- mostly made of floral scents. The second type of tone is the top, which has a strong smell once you spray but fades with time. Lastly, there is the base tone, a scent that lingers throughout the day consistently.

3. Rebounding to a particular scent

Signature Cologne

If there is that one cologne you always go back to after a while, make it your signature scent. There is a reason why you’re attracted to that scent, and you should associate yourself with it. So, if you buy Creed Cologne, apply it on your wrist and keep smelling it after some minutes to ensure it’s the ideal scent. 

Each puff you take when smelling the cologne should change your opinion about the cologne if it’s the signature cologne. But, if you find yourself having second thoughts about the fragrance, keep trying until you find the right one.

4. Ask for a friends help

Signature Cologne

If you know a friend who is using a particular scent, it’s good to ask for their advice. There is a reason why they are stuck on using one scent, and therefore, can help you identify what you need. 

Signature cologne like Creed Aventus is a fantastic option. It’s versatile, and the iconic thing about this particular fragrance is its three notes. You can wear the cologne for 24 hours, 365 days of the year. The price of the Creed Cologne shouldn’t stop you from purchasing it though because you only need a bit of the spray for it to last for hours. 


It’s fun to have a unique way to have people turn their heads. So, invest in good cologne that uniquely identifies your personality. Remember, you should love and be comfortable wearing the scent.


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