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5 Reasons Why Your Site Is Not Found on Search Engine

Have you ever noticed that your site doesn’t appear on Google or other search engines, no matter how good your content is? Even after using the SEO plugin and some other stuff, the result is not satisfactory. You may find several guides and tutorials online on what you should do to rank the website. But it is also essential to find out the common mistakes that most people commit that cur their chances of getting ranked on Google. Here, we have presented some common mistakes that should be avoided, and you will find your site in a good position when you find it on the SEO ranking tool.

Your Site Loads Slowly

The objective of Google is to bring the information available on the internet to the users with the best possible results. Now, this also includes the best presentation of the information. Thus, it is important to check your site loads quickly. Consider yourself as a viewer and check you would wait for a site to load. Apart from that, your website should be clearly set up and structured, with content that really offers and helps your visitors.

When Your Content is Over-Optimized

Use SEO strategies is important, but when you overdo it, your ranking may get affected. There are many content optimizations tools on the internet that most users use to get ranked on Google very quickly. However, in this process, your content quality can get affected. Keyword stuffing and hard readability can also be the reason due to content optimization. Too much of a good thing in the content is a bad thing. Your motive should be to please the viewers first and then search engines. Thus, if your site falls behind in the search results, go over them again. Improve the content without affecting readability.

Low-Quality Content

This is another reason why your site does not appear on search engines. While preparing content, you should consider how long your article should be, how many words it must have, and the appropriate headings. However, you should also know that the answers to these questions may get changed according to different titles. You can check the content optimization tools to check what competitors do.

Duplicate Content

Low-quality content affects the ranking, but plagiarism can also impact the ranking of your site. This is why it is a big no-go for search engines. Google may also charge some penalties. Thus, it is important to make sure that your content is qualitative and is not copied. You can take guidance from other sites and sources but use your own words to prepare the content. Even if you hire a content writer, you need to inform him to create unique content. You should use a plagiarism checker before posting.

Insufficient off-site SEO

While many ranking factors affect where your web pages appear on the search engine, the two most important ones are still content and links. Thus, when you think your content is good, but still SEO site audit tool shows bad health of the site, then the problem may be due to lack of backlinks. You have to build links on other websites that redirect to your website. However, you need to make sure that your links should be natural so that Google can know that it is genuine. Another important thing here is to build links on recognized and well-established sites. This plays a very important

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