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Amer Fort – History, Facts, Best Places & Time To Visit

Amer Fort Jaipur – Visiting timings, Entry fee, History

The exotic Amer fort (Amber fort) near the pink city, Jaipur, built with the yellow and pink sandstones never fails to grab attention. It reflects the richness of the Rajputana style of architecture.

The fort of Amer is famous for the exquisite Hindu features embroidered in its architecture.  Raja Man Singh, the Rajput ruler built this fort in 1592.

The bright colours and elephant rides are the main tourist attractions.


★In 967 CE, a small town was founded by Meenas called Amer. The settlement was built by a king from the Chanda clan, Raja Alan Singh.

★The fort of Amer was built by the Kachwaha King of Amer, Raja Man Singh.

★The fort is also famous as the hometown of princess Jodha, the consort of Akbar.

★ Raja man Singh was an ally in the court of Akbar which has led to the Direct influence of the Mughal style architecture in the fort. The very example to look up is the Diwan-e-Khas of Amer palace.

★ It is one of the oldest and most visited forts of Rajasthan. It showcases the remarkable craftsmanship and creativity of the Rajput artists.

Amer Fort, Jaipur: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

Best Time to Visit the Amer Fort:

The pink city faces summer and winter seasons at the extreme. The best time to explore the fort is from September to March, the temperature remains cool with refreshing breezes. It is advised to visit the Amer fort during the night. The magnificent sound and light shows at night are remarkable. And of course, nothing can be the best ending than a rich traditional dinner at a fancy restaurant.

How to Visit?

An aeroplane is the best answer to this question. You can take a cab to reach your destination within 20 min or a local bus which would take 1.5 hours to reach the fort.

Things to not miss at Amer Fort:

The Elephant Ride

Animal abuse in India : Ailing, Blind elephants used by tourists at popular  Indian fort -

The elephant rides to the central courtyard are so popular that it results in pre-booking of all the elephants. This exciting journey is a must-do activity for tourists.

Dance Program

Kalbelia Folk Dance Amer Fort Jaipur India *HD* - YouTube

You can book your tickets for the entertaining dance programs which are organised in the Sukh Mahal and enjoy classical Rajasthani dance.

★Dining Experience

Dining Experience at Amer Fort

At the end of the evening, you can have a multi-cuisine dinner featured in the Amer Fort. You can enjoy the continental flavours of local Rajasthani delicacies.

Puppet Show

Rajasthan puppet show in Amer Fort, jaipur video - YouTube

The restaurant tries to make the dinner more enjoyable with puppet shows. The tourists, especially foreigners, find these traditional small puppets amusing.

The Light and Sound Show

Sound and light Show at Amber Fort

 The show tells the tales of the glorious history of Rajputana kings. The whole Amer fort is decorated with lights enhancing its beauty. The stories of the king’s rule to the fights witnessed by the fort are recited. The show ends one hour after the description of its opening to the public.

Some Interesting Facts about Amer Fort:

Sheesh Mahal, this beautiful architecture will make you stop and admire its beauty. It is said that a little source of light can light up this Mahal covered with the small concave mirrors.

image 49
Sheesh Mahal

★It took 100 years for the Amer court to be the beauty that it is today.

★There are two stories about the fort’s name. It is called Amber fort because the people who resided there early were worshipers of Amba Mata, the Goddess Durga. And on the other hand, it is said to be derived from Ambikeshwar, the Avatar of Lord Shiva.

Shila Devi Temple Jaipur- An Enchanting Shrine | Great Indian Journey
Shila Devi Temple

★ The story behind Shila Devi Temple is fascinating. It is said that one night Sheela Devi came to Raja Man Singh’s dreams and asked him to find her statue near the seashore of Jessore (somewhere near Bangladesh). Obeying her wish, he went to the place and returned with a big stone, surprising everyone. He then asked his servants to clear and find the image of Sheela Devi on the stone, followed by placing the stone in the temple. This is how the temple was named the Sheela Devi Temple.

The Amer fort has many more interesting features which are not going to disappoint your visit. So make sure to use your time and admire this ravishing historical place.

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