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10 Amazing Travel Experiences You Must Have in the United States

To be realistic, Americans don’t need to leave the U.S. at all. Regardless of whether they prefer a holiday on the seashore, skiing, a picnic in the park, or looking for a family gathering place near a waterfall, in the heart of a desert or an amusement park, they have it all! For us, who don’t have the privilege of living in this ‘promised land’, tourism trips are a perfect way to discover all the beauty and natural wealth of this great country. Whichever region you choose, you won’t be wrong. Fabulous adventures and exciting opportunities are everywhere. It’s up to you to find which amazing travel experiences suit you most. If you are looking for amazing travel experiences, here is the list of top 10 best places to visit in the United States.

1 – Go on a road trip on Route 66

Amazing Travel Experiences

Come to the United States to ride Route 66. Although today this road starting in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles is no longer in official use as a highway, anyone who enjoys the smell of gasoline and adventure ride can’t bypass this legendary destination. If you choose this epic adventure, you will discover a bunch of legends and history passing in front of your eyes all along the 2,448 miles. All famous motels and restaurants are there. The most spectacular views are there. The only one missing is you! Don’t let that happen! Rent Cadillac or, if you are brave enough, sit on Harley Davidson and go. Bon Voyage!

2 – Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Amazing Travel Experiences

One of the most unusual things in America is the fact that it is impossible to get anywhere without a car, but that you can experience the best things only if you go somewhere on foot. The Golden Gate in San Francisco represents the core of this paradox. Anyway, while crossing this wonderful old bridge, you will immediately feel relief. Yes, you are not one of those wretches who had to end life in the gloomy and terrifying Alcatraz seen in the background. Plus, every moment spent on this bridge will mean one more enjoyment in breathtaking views and the creation of new impressions that you will remember for the rest of your life.

3 – Mingle with the Movie Stars in Hollywood

Amazing Travel Experiences

Hollywood has been the center of the film world for decades. Climb to the Hollywood sign and discover the Dolby Theatre between palm trees. Don’t forget to put your hand on one of the stars outside of the Chinese Theatre. Walk along the Walk of Fame like thousands of acting legends have done since this famed city created. Admire the Capitol Records Tower and take a look of Hollywood Boulevard beyond the usual tourist tours. Be sure to join one of the tours of Paramount Studios and become a witness of an impressive history. Finish the exciting day in the park Runyon Canyon enjoying the view of this magnificent city.

4 – Conquer the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Amazing Travel Experiences

When you think of masterful wonders of nature, probably your first thought is related to the Grand Canyon. When you visit the US, don’t miss coming to Arizona. Here you can turn your dreams into a reality of 277 miles long, eighteen miles wide, and more than the one-mile deep handiwork of Mother Nature. Rent a bike and go to the Rim to enjoy the spectacular sunrise. Experience Canyon skydives above 13,500 ft for ultimate viewing the whole this beauty from the sky or peek into one of the mysterious caves around. Take your family on an unforgettable western-nostalgia journey by the Grand Canyon Railway. Fall in love again while watching the sunrise at Hopi Point. Experience your miracle by enjoying the greatest wonder of nature in the world! Here is the complete guide to Gandikota fort – Grand Canyon of India.

5 – At the Top of the Statue of Liberty, New York

Amazing Travel Experiences

Catch a ferry and ‘hang out’ with Lady Liberty. Climbing the 354 stairs up to 92 meters (305 feet), how much the Statue of Liberty is tall, is an ultimate experience. Take a close look at the broken chains that symbolize the birth of freedom and new hope without oppression. The crown on the Lady’s head symbolizes the Seven Seas through which the freedom comes to each of us. Enjoy the opportunity to be one of the chosen who could sense the fragrance of freedom just where it was created so long ago. Perhaps a visit to the symbol of New York is a bit cliché, but be aware that this Lady has been a symbol of hope for desperate immigrants for a couple of centuries. This tour should actually give honor to the history that touches the souls of all of us.

6 – Among the Presidents on the Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Amazing Travel Experiences

They were the Presidents who made America’s history great. Take the opportunity to climb the mountain Rushmore and be as close these great people as possible, overcoming the mystery of time. When most of the Americans think of patriotism, they think of the 60-foot (18 m) heads of their beloved Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt who laid the foundations of the modern and prosperous country such as the United States today. Go rock climbing the backside of the mountain, go scuba diving, and enjoy caving in the fantastic caves. At this place, everything is a magnificent adventure. Be a part of it.

7 – Be a Kid in the Walt Disney World, Florida

Amazing travel experiences

Walt Disney World is something special for every child but, frankly, the most parents also feel the enchanting magic of this place. People, who haven’t yet come to mingle with Disney’s cartoon heroes, rightly believe that they have missed the best fun. Those who were there said that this place was the happiest spot on earth ‘for nothing’. Become a part of a parade and meet Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Crush on Minnie and play with Pluto. Visit Magic Kingdom Park and go to the future in the theme park Epcot. Travel back in the 1930s and feel the magic of the old Hollywood. In the end, don’t miss exploring the animal kingdom with 250 species of animals from seven distinct park sections.

8 – Play Jazz with the Giants in New Orleans, Louisiana

Trumpet player close up Free Photo

Have you ever dreamed of discovering the secret of the city where jazz was born? Come to New Orleans and go straight to Bourbon Street! After spending hours surrounded by the unique sounds of the best jazzers in the world, take a walk through the street Frenchmen Street and continue the magic of the special night. Become a part of the crowd while enjoying live jazz in numerous clubs. Whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong. Jazz history is ‘woven’ into every played note between the old walls of these iconic places. Getting lost in the Big Easy’s French Quarter at least for a moment will make your life more abundant for one timeless adventure. If you visit the city around Shrove Tuesday, don’t miss Mardi Gras, fascinating parades on the streets and all those masquerade balls that equally love both city dwellers and numerous tourists.

9 – Go surf in Hawaii, the Birthplace of Surfing

sea hawaii waves waikiki ocean surf sand beach Free Photo

Come to learn the origin of the expression ‘surf’s up’. Since 1779, when Captain Cook saw what Polynesian surfing looks like, ‘E he’enalu kakou’ has become a synonym of the Hawaiian Islands. Spend your holiday on Oahu and discover why surfing on Honolulu’s Waikiki Beach is probably the most thrilling adventure of life. Depending on your affinity, watch the professionals, take surfing lessons, or be a pro! If you are a novice or still trying to get used to the new hobby, Ehukai Beach Park is the place for you. If you are a pro, go right to Sunset, the well-known point which hypnotizes surfers from around the world. For real adventurers and the best of the best, there is Velzyland, the special place for the riskiest North Shore happening.

10 – Feel the Cold Mists of Niagara Falls, New York

Amazing Travel Experiences

Imagine three million cubic feet of water falling from a height of 52.3 m (173 feet). And imagine yourself as a witness of this awesome handiwork of Mother Nature at Niagara Falls. It is fantastic when you just think about, isn’t it? Now, try to feel how it is when you are in front of this spectacular natural force that can destroy everything in sight and give life at the same time. Have a peek beyond the most vigorous waterfall in the globe or sail right into the mist while standing on the deck of one of the local boats. Explore the beauty of the Cave of the Winds and do your best to withstand the winds of 68 miles per hour. Enjoy the Niagara cruises on the Canadian side and go right to the very center of the Horseshoe Falls. Don’t miss entertainment, including worldwide known fireworks competition, during the Winter Festival of Lights organized along eight kilometers of the Niagara Parkway.

Useful Tips for International Travelers – 

Previously, all international travelers who wanted to visit the United States had to have a visa. Nowadays, passengers from 38 ESTA countries only need a digital chipped passport with required security features and biometric information. To make it easier for travelers to enter the country, the US government has provided the so-called ‘Visa Waiver Program’.

It is an automated system of pre-screening before boarding and an effective way to control the eligibility of every person to arrive in the US. That means that since January 12, 2009, all citizens from ‘Visa Waiver Countries’ with valid ESTA approval can stay in the US up to 90 days without the visa. Whether traveling for business or tourist reasons, every passenger needs to check ESTA status in time to avoid possible inconvenience.

Which place is in your usa bucket list travel, let us know in the comments section!

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