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Three easy steps to increase your kitchen size!

A kitchen is a mandatory organ of any home because of this the place where one can make their own inventions of taste. But, in families who have a very small living area or room space, has to put a great deal in fitting all the furnishing in a space. That purpose is solved with the discovery of compact kitchens.

By compact kitchen, the audience might have a thought that the entire scenario has to be stuck over one another. No, a compact kitchen can be as beautiful as a garden but the only thing is to set things at the right place. For example, a family has a budget and wants to build a beautiful modular kitchen setup, but the problem is they do not have space in their house. This sort of problems can easily be handled with desire and proper planning.

1. Walls and flooring

Kitchen interior

It is crucial to have a pretty good color to make the kitchen wall more appealing. White is the color that suits small space more because a white wall opts an optical illusion of larger space. A white wall hinges a good background for wall hanging objects and obviously a brown floor. Yes, a white room cradles an option for brown or dark peach tones. When the floor has a brown shade, the area looks much broader and comprehensive.

The thought might come to one, that a white wall might bring difficulties for cleaning. This is true indeed, but to avoid this the paint material should be oiled based or waterproof. These sort of materials are easily cleanable and are of very comforting for kitchens. The floor area should be made from waterproof carpets; that can easily be wiped off. This two organs can benefit the purpose of hygiene as well as space problems. Keep wall hanging decorations and small plants in the space; this will give a pleasant look altogether.

2. Storage and organizing

Woman taking cooking ingredients from locker

Storing and keeping things at the right place plays an important role while decorating the interior of a house. While in a kitchen, organizing and storing has a lot more to do. If there is not much room for keeping things, then the best thing is to have everything attached to the wall. In a small space, everything has to be sorted inside something. A kitchen has to keep a lot of food items, and groceries. Everything should be organised inside minimized tubs and storing boxes.


Then comes, keeping everything at the place. Cabinets and cupboards should be constructed by the wall or on the top of the room. This not only gives more space to the floor but has beneficial organizing of each item. Everything at its place under a particular category helps the person who uses it. And, aerial cabinets have its own beauty altogether. Well, the shelf and cabinets should definitely be of darker colors, preferably black, maroon or deep tan. A white wall and a glossy black cabinet give a great shape to a small space.

3. Appliances and Dining

Table dining set in the hotel restaurant

The mandatory aspects of a kitchen are a refrigerator, gas oven and cylinder, microwave oven and kitchen chimney (Not so crucial) To handle this four item, the kitchen needs to have a fixed and immovable location for gas oven and cylinder. Multiple socket switchboard at a near to the desired location, and not to have a single board that will have all the plugs into it. Have at least two switchboards at two opposite location, which will bring more beauty in the kitchen.

Many have a drawing cum dining space, but it is more useful to have a dining cum kitchen area. Yes, the dining table can be mended into the kitchen. The entire interior would look extremely beautiful while a pretty open kitchen and a post-modern form of the dining area.


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