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14 Delicious Indian Thalis you must try at least once in your life!

India is a country that is known for so many things, let it be its diversity, the tourist places, the rich heritage, or the most exciting part, which is the flavors of India. Indian food is well known for the use of bold spices and the different methods of cooking that give it its uniqueness. Tourists from all over the world visit India just to experience the flavors, which they know are going to be a one-time experience. THALI is a perfect choice for exploring these flavors because it combines all the dishes. Besides the diversity India has, Indian thali shows ethical sophistication, and the perfect blend of flavors reflects unity. The spices used in thali are fresh, and you can taste every spice in every bite. In this article, we will be examining the must-try most delicious Indian thalis:

Most-Delicious Indian Thalis –


Spices and royalty are the two things that come to mind when we think about Rajasthan. The Rajasthani thali is also famous for these two reasons: first, the quality of spices used in all the dishes in that thali; and second, the way it is presented screams royalty. The thali included so many dishes, like the classic dish Dal baati churma (lentils with some sweet crumble) and gatte ki sabzi with chapati, which is made up of gram flour, laal maas, ghevar, and maal pua, offering a perfect mix of spices and sweetness in a Rajasthani thali.


The state, which is widely known for its food and business mindset, comes second to the place where thali is a must-try. Gujarati thali is a pack of all flavors, let it be sweet, spicy, or sour. The Gujarati thali consists of dishes like thepla, dhokla , khandvi, undhiyo, and the most comforting food for which Gujarat is known in India which is Gujarati khichdi. All these elements combine and create a perfect balance in a Gujarati thali.


Bengal is a state that is famous for two things sweet one is sweet people and the second is sweet dishes. Besides, there is a balance of spicy dishes too. The state is near the river that why the food there includes so many sea food items. Bengali thali includes macher jhol(fish curry) as fish is an integral part of Bengal, Aloo posto, chingri malai curry, rosogulla, mishti doi all combines and makes make delicious Bengali Thali.


The northern state of India that is famous for its agricultural legacy and its delicious food. Punjab is a state which is more focused on agriculture and the food in Punjab is one of the most authentic food in India. The Punjabi thali consists of sarso saag with maze chapati,chhole bhature,pinni, and all that with the refreshing lassi these dishes all combine to make the tastiest Punjabi thali.


Odisha, the state which is located on the coasts of India. The Odia thali is probably the most delicious yet the most underrated in India. The richness and heritage that Odia Thali holds are irreplaceable. Living in India or coming to India and not trying Odia thali is missing like missing a great experience. Odia thali has a perfect balance of flavors in the form of dahi baigan, khichede, dalma and gupchup creating an authentic Odia thali.


Andhra his state is also known as the rice bowl of India because most of the classic dishes include rice in them. The Andhra thali is a combo of both Andhra cuisine and Hyderabad cuisine having Mughal influence. The Andhra thali is made up of one of the most famous dishes which is Hyderabadi biriyani, Kebabs, Kormas, Shahi dahi vada and dil firdaus which completes an Andhra thali.


Thinking of Assam all we can visualize are those pretty and calming tea farms, greenery all the way. Assam thali is an example of simplicity and comfort food. the Assamese thali reflects the diversity and the use of natural ingredients which maintains the rich heritage. it which Assam holds. Assamese thali which consists of Doi-Chira, Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura.Ouu Khatta.Pani Hamuk and Duck Meat Curry, make an Assamese thali an Assamese thali.


Bhojpuri thali is traditional thali of the Indian state Bihar. Bihar state which od known for its major contribution in the agricultural sector of India. The Bihari thali includes food which is staple, which will make you feel as it is made in your house. The Bhojpuri thali consists of Litti Chokha, Sattu, Kadhi Badi, Chana Ghugni, and Dal Pitha which makes Bhojpuri thali completes.


The Maharashtrian thali is one of the most popular and diverse thali which varies from mild flavor to spicy to sweet. The thali is not just about the food but the history which it replicates. The thali holds emotions that makes one connect to it. People there are so skillful that they have the talent to make a simple dish so exotic. The Maharashtrian thali consists of Vada Pav, Misal, Sol Kadhi, Pithla Bhakri, Aluchi vadi and Modak; offering a mix of sweet and spicy dishes.


Kashmiri food is famous for its richness and the time it takes which makes it enriched with flavours.

It has evolved from time to time. A lot of new methods have been introduced to make food more tasty and a lot changes have been introduced too.Experience the taste of Kashmiri thali with dishes like rogan josh, Modur Pulao, Dum Olav, Yakhni Lamb Curry,Goshtaba, Kahva and make your Kashmir trip worth it.


Kerala thali is known for the best the breakfast thali in the whole country. The food is fulfilling yet so comforting.the taste, the simplicity and the culinary heritage it holds is commendable.Kerala thali consists of dishes like Puttu And Kadala Curry,Appam With Ishtu, Idli Sambar, Kerala Prawn Curry which complete it.


Haryanvi thali is the only thali on this list which does not require any fuss, it is known for the simple methods of making. It focuses more the freshness and food quality. Haryanvi thali consists of Kachri Ki Sabzi, Singri Ki Sabzi, Hara Dhania Cholia, Methi Gajjar and a lot of dishes.

These are some of the thalis that you simply must try when visiting India; if you skip any of these, you will be missing out on a ton of delicious new dishes.

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