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Top 20 Most Popular Indian Dishes You must try!

India is a country which is rich in its history and culture. It is an integral part of who we are as an individual. Food has always been a very important aspect in terms of the culture of India. Indian cuisine is vast and diverse in its own way. If we divide India into 4 regions i.e. North, West, East, and South, each region has their own unique blend of spices and cooking styles. That is what makes our country so copious in terms of flavour and creativity. Let us delve into the mesmerising world of food with the top 20 dishes that make up a portion of this variety. The journey of the signature dishes of India is one that is breathtaking and colossal. So, sit back and enjoy the ride through the world of flavours. 

1. Tamil Nadu’s Idli and Sambar

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Let us start our adventure down South. The first stop is famous Idli and Sambar. These items are almost inseparable on a traditional South Indian platter. Steam rice and lentil cakes paired with a spicy lentil and vegetable soup, this dish is a big and popular hit in South Indian cuisine.

2. Kerala’s Appam and Avial

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Avial is a popular dish originating in Kerala. It is one of those traditional dishes without which any feast is complete. A perfect marriage between seasonal vegetables, coconut, and curry leaves, this is an essential component of the Sadya, the Keralite vegetarian feast. On the other hand, is the delicious pancakes known as Appam. A staple of the Kerala breakfast, this is usually paired with a vegetable stew. Soft yet flavourful is the perfect way to describe a classic of the Keralite cuisine. 

3. Andhra Pradesh’s Tamarind Rice 

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The perfect blend of tamarind, curry leaves, and exotic spices, this is a staple in many of the households of Andhra. It is one of the most basic dishes, and is very simple to prepare. When done right, it tastes absolutely delicious, especially garnished with crunchy peanuts. This dish surely hits all the taste buds. An excellent amalgamation of sweet, sour, tangy, bitterness and spicy is the definition of this dish. 

4. Karnataka’s Mysore Pak

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For all the sweet toothed people out there, we got you covered. This signature classic does not require any introduction. It is one of those dishes which has its own charm and history behind it. A delicious square that tingles your taste buds, and makes your mouth water. It is a  rich sweet and one that will melt in your mouth through each bite. 

5. Telangana’s Hyderabad Biryani

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Biryani is an evergreen classic that is known to all.Perfectly cooked meat and rice combined with the aromatic and exotic spices, it is sure to give you an experience that you will cherish for a long time.When cooked well, it can be paired with mirchi ka salan,​ ​Raita, and bhagare baingan.​ Doesn’t this make your mouth water and make you feel hungry? 

6. Goa’s Vindaloo 

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Goa is so much more than gorgeous beaches etc. An erstwhile Portuguese colony, it is known for its venerable architecture and food. Goan cuisine always has a touch of Portuguese influence predominantly. One such dish is the Vindaloo. This curry is at its greatest height in terms of Indian curries. A spicy roasted mixture paired with meats such as chicken, pork, this dish should be on your mind the next time you visit Goa. 

7. Maharashtra’s Vada Pav

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As you pass by the streets of Mumbai, the smell of freshly boiled potatoes sprinkled with exotic masalas, and fried, fills the air. The popular street food Vada Pav is native to Maharashtra, and is an essential component of the Marathi culture. Paired with sweet chutney, green chutney, and other condiments, this sure is going to make your mouth water. It is yet another perfect marriage between sweet, sour, and spicy. 

8. Orissa’s Dalma

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As we move further north, the next stop on this colossal journey is Orissa. Commonly known as the “Soul of India”, it is a beautiful combination of exotic cultures, picturesque landscapes, and opulent architecture. It is equally rich in its local cuisine. One of the famous dishes of Orissa is Dalma. A staple food constituting of roasted moong dal, spices, and veggies, this is one finger-licking meal that will be cherished forever.  Paired with steamed rice, this is the definition of comfort food at its best.

9. Madhya Pradesh’s Malpua 

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Madhya Pradesh is characterised by mouth watering traditional dishes which symbolise different cultures. The signature dish of this state is the one and only Malpua. Another version of an Indian Pancake, it is a flour disc that is fried in ghee, and coated in a luscious sugar syrup. The addition of saffron strands enhances the flavour creating a whole new devouring experience. This is a treat for all the sweet lovers. 

10. West Bengal’s Rasgulla 

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This state is known for its sweets. From Rosogullas to Chomchom, the list is endless. As most Bengalis are inborn with a sweet tooth, sweets form an important element of their meal. This famous dessert is one that is sure to complete any meal. A soft pillow of cheese glazed in a simple sugar syrup, this is one of the signature dishes of West Bengal and is one that will melt in your mouth. 

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