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Top 4 Talented Left-backs In World Football Today

Meta: In football, there are numerous types of defenders, each of which plays an essential role in every football team. Today, let’s explore excellent left-backs in the world.

In football tactics, the left-back is an indispensable position. When playing as a left-back, the footballer needs to ensure three basic factors, including good personal techniques, a high level of fitness, and great acumen. 

It is challenging to perform well in this position. That being said, throughout football history, there have been a host of stars playing excellently in this position. 

In the article, we want to show a list of the best left-backs in the world today.

Marcelo (Real Madrid)

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Marcelo (Real Madrid) via Thevangtv

The first person we want to mention in this list is Marcelo – a Brazillian left-back with 12 years of playing for Real Madrid Club. He is also an excellent defender of the Brazil national team now.

Competing for Real Madrid Club with many football stars, Marcelo still shows his talent for attacking and defending flexibly. 

When playing a match against Real Mariad, quite a few opponents admitted that they felt extremely confused when facing with Marcelo. 

Thanks to his ability, the team has avoided being netted many times. Therefore, Marcelo deserves to be listed among top-ranking left-backs in the world today.

Recently, rumor has it that Marcelo might leave Real Mariad to play for Juventus with a transfer fee of 39 million in GBP. In case the rumor becomes truth, Real Mariad will suffer a heavy loss.

David Alaba (Bayern Munich)

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David Alaba (Bayern Munich)

David Alaba is an Austrian footballer who plays for Bayern Munich and the Austrian national team. 

He is considered a multi-talented player because he can play well in various positions. Anyway, left-back is still the position that he can play most successfully and effectively.

In terms of David’s playing style, he always handles the ball simply but efficiently. Besides, he performs successfully when working as a left wingback. For that reason, he is highly appreciated for the ability to play as a versatile player. 

What’s more, David is famous for kicking techniques. In many matches, he was successful in giving perfect free kicks and penalties.

With such an ability to play football, David Alaba becomes a formidable barrier to the attackers from the opponent. Therefore, despite his relatively young age, he has been regarded as one of the best left-backs in recent years. 

Marcos Alonso (Chelsea)

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Marcos Alonso (Chelsea)

Born in 1990 in Spain, Marcos Alonso is now playing as a left-back and midfielder for Chelsea club.

So why is Marcos Alonso recognized to be a top-ranking talented left-back in the world? 

The fact shows that during the period that Antonio Conte has worked as Chelsea’s coach, he has impressive performances when showing his flexibility in supporting both defensive and offensive lines. 

Also, he is particularly excellent at playing on his left border. 


In the football tournament of 2018, although Marcos Alonso focused on attacking, he was part of Chelsea’s defense.

More excitingly, Marcos Alonso is the number one choice for free kicks. As a result, it comes as no surprise to know that he is in the list of top left-backs in the football world now.

Andrew Robertson (Liverpool Premier League)

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Andrew Robertson (Liverpool Premier League)

Another name that must be present here is Andrew Robertson. At the age of 25, in spite of not having much experience of playing as a professional footballer, he soon revealed his talent, which has been recognized by football experts.

This Scottish Andrew footballer is now playing at the left-back position for Liverpool Premier League Club. Besides, he is also the captain of the Scottish national football team. 

Before taking part in Liverpool and becoming the backbone of this team, Andrew Robertson only played for a third-tier club in Scotland. 

Regardless of this fact, he made a great effort to run as fast as possible and create high-quality passes. 

For this reason, Robertson got a chance to become part of a renowned team in the English Premier League. Not only that, he is the mainstay of this team.

With his current skills in playing football, it is believed that he will be more and more successful in playing as a left-back in the future.

Alex Sandro (Juventus)


Alex Sandro (Juventus)

As a professional Brazillian footballer, Alex Sandro is working as a left-back for the Juventus club in Italy and the Brazilian national team as well.

When playing in his position, Alex Sandro often makes fans be filled with excitement through his attack and defense. Therefore, up to now, he is well known for being a versatile player during his football career. 

In addition, Alex Sandro has a good ability to play in the aerial battle, which usually makes the opponent strikers feel depressed.

With sophisticated football techniques, he deserves to become a member of the Brazil national team these days. 

In Conclusion

In the list above, we introduce you to the most brilliant left-backs in world football. Although young, all these players are taking a long stride in their career.

Maybe in this article, we cannot cover all outstanding defenders in the world.

Some other popular names that should be listed here include Faouzi Ghoulam (Napoli), Layvin Kurzawa (Paris Saint-Germain), Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid), Jordi Alba (Barcelona), and Benjamin Mendy (Manchester City).

In your opinion, which footballer performs the best in the left-back position?


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