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Irresistible Reasons to Buy a Platinum Ring!

Selecting a metal for a wedding ring or engagement ring is equally essential in picking the right style or diamond for the ring. The metal can have a vital impact on the lifespan and durability of the jewelry. Platinum is one of the precious metals that can maintain its shine and white color for 30 to 50 years or more. 

There are good reasons to buy platinum ring, even with their expensive price tag. It is worth paying for this piece of jewelry because it is stronger, and it requires less maintenance. 

A platinum ring comes with a higher quality feel

You can feel the difference when you wear platinum on your fingers. It is a dense precious metal that is about 40%-60% heavier than 18K and 14K gold. Platinum that is a six-inch cube can weigh up to 165 pounds. 

It gives a beautiful setting for diamonds

Considering the durability and strength of platinum, choosing it guarantees that a diamond will be safe and look attractive on the ring. 

The prongs on a platinum ring are more durable than yellow or white gold ring when holding the diamond in place. This is because platinum moves instead of breaking when there is repeated force. Gold prongs tend to break after constant force. 

Your diamond will not become yellow

The platinum metal is naturally white, and time will not change its color. If you buy a platinum ring, there is no need to worry about unnecessary colors that may reflect from the diamond. On the other hand, yellow gold typically reflects yellowish color into diamonds, while white gold becomes yellow over time. 

Pass down a platinum ring to your loved ones

Platinum comes with long-lasting quality, making it able to withstand the test of time. When scratched, it only displaces the platinum and loses little metal. 

Over time, platinum can preserve its volume and form a patina finish, adding character to your jewelry. This displacement even helps make the ring harder. Eventually, the platinum ring you purchase witnesses and records a lifetime of memories. It would make the best jewelry to pass down to the next generations. 

A platinum ring does not trigger any allergic reactions

The platinum metal is hypoallergenic. While this is a lesser-known benefit of this precious metal, it is quite useful for many people. Platinum is about 95% metal, so if you buy a platinum ring, you have a good idea of the actual composition of the piece of jewelry you are wearing. On the other hand, white gold metal has a tendency to cause allergic reactions and breakouts. 

Makers usually create white gold in combination with base metals like nickel, and this process may develop an allergic reaction. With this, platinum jewelry is the most suitable choice for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin due to its purity.

In the past, only the wealthy and famous could wear platinum pieces of jewelry. But, the times have been changing, and this precious metal is accessible to any shopper. As the demand for this metal grows due to its density, strength, and flexibility, you can buy a platinum ring any time you like. Aside from other special occasions, it makes the perfect wedding or engagement ring, and for everyday wear throughout its lifetime.

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