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Top 10 trekking places near Bangalore to explore over weekends!

Weekend is here? Done re-watching your favorite Netflix show for the 50th time? Want to getaway? Missing the adventure? Want to spend time with nature?

Here are some of the best trekking places to go near Bangalore.


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Distance from Bangalore: 48 km

The most massive monolith of South Asia, Savanadurga comprises of the twin peaks of Karigudda (The Black Hill) and Billigudda (The White Hill). Surrounded by the forests of Magadi, Savandurga offers a panoramic view of the city. This trek is slightly risky and requires prior permission from the authorities. It is recommended to carry proper trekking gear. People often come here to watch the sunrise.

The Best time to trek is between October to February.


Distance from Bangalore: 125 km

Surrounded by paddy fields and coconut trees is Kunti Betta. It is the best place for trekkers who seek some more adventure. You can go for night trekking here. Beginners might require anchored ropes. Rappelling, rock climbing, camping, swimming, kayaking, boating, and fishing are some of the adventurous activities that you can enjoy here.

The Best time to trek is between October to May.

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Distance from Bangalore: 61 km

Situated at an altitude of 4430 ft, Skandagiri is one of the oldest hill fortresses. It is famous for night trekking, bird watching, and camping. The trekking route is well marked out and it is a trek of about 2 hours. The scenic beauty of the lush green hill with the spectacular sunrise makes the decrepit Fort a place worth visiting.

The Best time to trek is between October to January.

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Distance from Bangalore City: 72 km

Devarayanadurga is a famous weekend getaway and an ideal place for trekking near Bangalore. It is a forest reserve surrounded by numerous hills, making it a paradise for trekkers. Devarayanadurga has other attractions like the spring at Namada Chilume, the Yoga Narasimha Temple and The Bhoga Narasimha Temple. In addition to all this, the sunrise is worth the trek.

The Best time to trek is between October to May.

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Distance from Bangalore City: 80 km

Part of the Shathashrunga mountain range, Anthargange is called the Kashi of the South and is not only a tourist hotspot but also has religious significance. Trekkers from all over the state visit here to explore the caves and the ancient Vishwanatha Temple. This temple is located in the midst of heavy vegetation with a spring nearby which originated in the hill with water flowing through at bull statue at the temple. One route to the temple consists of 500 broken steps.

The Best time to trek is between August to February.

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Distance from Bangalore City: 55 km

Famous for the shooting of the movie Sholay, Ramanagara is popular for its trekking sports. The hills that surround this place are Shivaramagiri, Yatirajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revana Siddeshwara hill, Jala Siddeshwara hill, and Sidilakallu hill. Day treks, camping, rock climbing, and bird watching are some of the most popular activities to do here. Other famous attractions here are the Kanva Reservoir, the Mekedaatu, and the Janapada Loka.

The Best time to trek is between September to January.

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Distance from Bangalore City: 61 km

The stillness of Makalidurga adds to its tranquility and thrill. Tourists come here to see the ruins of the fort and the splendid view of the lake. The fort has a temple of Shiva and Nandi where, as the legend says, Rishi Markandeya performed penance. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the train that goes through the hill at the bottom. Night trekking is also very popular.

The Best time to trek is between September to February.

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Distance from Bangalore City: 106 km

Asia’s second-largest monolith, Madhugiri derives its name from the honey bee colonies near the fort of Madhugiri which is located on the slope of the hills. The fort has three gateways, Antaralada Bagilu, Diddibagilu, and Mysore Gate. The ruins of the Gopalkrishna temple lie at the top of the fort. Malleswara and Venkataramana temples, the Jain temple within the fort, Channarayana Durga fort, Siddara Betta, Timmalapura Forests and Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve are some of the other tourist places nearby.

The Best time to trek is between October to March.

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Distance from Bangalore City: 50 km

It is one of the best places tonight’s trek. Bonfire and camps are set up and the beauty of night is enjoyed. The hill is known not only for its scenic beauty and magnificent view but mainly for its safety and conducive nature during night treks.

The Best time to trek is between March to June.

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Distance from the Bangalore City: 100 km

A former kingdom and an unfamiliar present trekking zone Channarayana Durga offer yet another adventurous experience for all trekkers. The mystery and excitement along with this trek increase as there are no signboards directing tourists and trekkers. The scenic beauty is undoubtedly amazing the worth visiting.

The Best time to trek is between September to December.

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