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Maharana Pratap Quiz: Do you know about the most fearless Indian Warrior?

Maharana Pratap, the name is an integral part of Indian history. Do you consider yourself an expert in history or think you know everything about Maharana Pratap – the fearless warrior? Then here is your chance to check your knowledge. Participate in our Maharana Pratap Quiz to see if you can answer these questions correctly.


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#1. When was Maharana Pratap born ?

#2. Who was Maharana Pratap's father ?

#3. In Maharana Pratap's childhood, he was known by the name of ?

#4. What was the name of Maharana Pratap's horse?

#5. At which number was Maharana Pratap, a ruler in the Mewar Dynasty ?

#6. How many wives did Maharana Pratap had ?

#7. Who was Ram-Prasad to Maharana Pratap ?

#8. What is the correct order of capitals of Maharana Pratap?

#9. In which war did Maharana Pratap defeated the Mughal army very badly ?

#10. When did the battle of Haldighati take place?

#11. Which of the following generals was not included in Pratap's army?

#12. Who was the court Pandit of Maharana Pratap?

#13. Where and at what age did Pratap's coronation took place?

#14. What was the name of Maharana Pratap's mother?

#15. When did Maharana Pratap die?


This quiz involves questions surrounding Pratap’s life, be it about his family or affairs regarding battles. But if you think it will be an easy road then let us warn you that only experts in history or Pratap’s fan can get through the entire quiz without a single mistake.

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