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21 Photo Editing Apps that you may want to Try your Hands On!


The usp of the app lies in the fact that it allows the person to choose the intensity of the filters to gain maximum effect on the photos.

tadaa photo editing app for iphone


This simple app helps you make your photos fun by offering range of filters, borders, stickers etc.

line camera photo editing


This app allows the person to magically erase the unwanted elements from the picture. After all a picture is worth more than a bad timing!

TouchRetouch photo editing app


This app is perfect for people who prefer color popped pictures instead of soft muted ones. Off course all basic features like crop, adjust , balance exist.

ColorStory app


Apart from being free, this iOS app has a lot in-app purchases as well. Apart from the standard filters to crop, fade, brighten, color etc. It also provides a lot of undo history and custom filter support.

darkroom app


This app is an easy way to fix distortions by providing several photo editing features that focus on correcting photo and lens distortion. Available for android and iOS but famously preferred for iOS as iphones tend to take photos that show more depth than usual.



This app comes with a built-in camera that has features like shutter speed, ISO, white balance and manual focus. As part of photo editing one can either apply presets or use manual adjustments tools. The adjustment tool is not just limited to crop, contrast, color, light but much more. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

vsco photo editing app


This free app for iOS is massively popular. It gives you the all-important manual camera control like custom exposure with independent control of shutter, ISO, white balance and focus.

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musecam photo editing app


This free app available for iOS and Android offers hosts of features and tools. Lots of fonts, full control over positioning, opacity, rotation, color, brightness, saturation etc are provided.

piclab app

20. Apptly

This amazing app with a simplistic UI is fast and easy to use! It has a collection of filters and face-altering effects to make the most out of the face in the image snapped.

apptly photo editing app

There are a plethora of photo editing apps available. The above are just a few! Check out the above apps to make your photos look professional and faultless. Let us know in the comment section of what do you think about them or to suggest us some new ones!

21. Fixthephoto

Best photo editing app

Fixthephoto is one of the oldest photo editing service and retouching photos since 2003. It meets the perfect requirement of professional photographers who wants to save the time by getting the photos edited by the Fixthephoto. It’s a very easy process, all you need to upload a photo and choose the customer style. It is very affordable service.

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