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11 Best Trekking Places In India for Bone-Chilling Adventure

10. Nanda Devi East Base Camp

Area: Kumaon
Altitude: 4670mts

The trail to the second highest peak of India located very much in Uttrakhand. It’s the most beautiful peaks in the Himalayas. This trek leads you to the base camp on the eastern face of the peak, which is also the home to Pachu Glacier. Leading from an ancient trade route that was once home to a large civilization, the trek takes you to the base camp of Nanda Devi. Being one of the most difficult treks in the Indian Himalayan region the journey requires several acclimatization bases. Best time to trek here is in the month of April-June and September-October.

Best Trekking Places
How to plan a trip to Nanda Devi East base camp – 

Day1 Delhi – Kathgodam

Day2 Kathgodam – Almora – Munsyari

Upon arrival at Kathgodam drive to Munsyari via Almora.

Day3 Munsyari – Lilam

In the morning start our day 1 trek to Lilam via darkot. From Darkot the trek is descent to the Gori Ganga and continues descending until to the River at Jimighat. From here trek upward to Lilam.

Day4 Lilam – Bugdiar

In the morning trek up to Bugdiar. En-route will cross the thick forest of Utees and other trees. After an upward trek, we will reach Bugdiar. Here we can see Shepherds with their flocks of sheep and goats are a common sight at the meadows of Bugdiar.

Day5 Bugdiar– Martoli

Continue trekking along the Gori Ganga through a series of narrow gorges. This beautiful trail passes through gorges and meadows leading to Railkot. The trek continues to the village Martoli situated at the edge of Lewan Gad Valley.

Day6 Martoli – Milam

We descend to a bridge over the Lwan Gad and continuing further and cross the bridge over the Gori Ganga. The trail goes on to the left bank and a short climb brings us to Burphu Village (3350 M). The valley opens up here and one gets a spectacular view of several peaks. Trek further and reach the village of Milam.

Day7 Milam – Milam Glacier – Milam

After breakfast trek towards the Milam Glacier. On arrival explore the glacier; one can view the magnificent peaks of Rishi Parvat (6692 M), Hardeol (7151 M) and Trishuli I (7074 M). Later trek back to Milam.

Day8 Milam – Lwani

After breakfast trek down to Lwani.

Day9 Lwani – Nanda Devi East Base Camp

In the morning start your trek to the base of Nanda Devi East. The route is full of thrill and you will pass a series of moraine fields and famous meadows of Sartol Kharak (3650 M) and Naspanpatti (3850 M) in Nanda Devi.

Day10 Nanda Devi East Base Camp – Nanda Devi East

In the morning set out a trek for Nanda Devi East. Explore the terrain and return back to base.

Day11 Nanda Devi East Base Camp – Martoli

Day12 Martoli – Bugdiar

In the morning after breakfast trek down to Bugdiar via Railkot.

Day13 Bugdiar – Lilam
Trek down to Lilam.

Day14 Lilam – Munsyari

This is our last day trek to Munsyari. This is another easy day to reach Munsyari.

Day15 Munsyari – Kathgodam – Delhi

Early in the morning drive to Kathgodam for Delhi.

11. Stok Kangri Summit Trek

Area: Ladakh
Altitude: 6153mts

It is one of the highest peaks of Stok ranges in Ladakh. The climbing on Stok is mostly restricted to the summer and is the solid winter expedition. It will bring the fascinating opportunity of spending some days at this impressive region to visit the colourful monasteries at Shey, Thikshey, and Hemis. The trekking routes are a serious challenge even for the experienced ones as it will lead to the several remote and picturesque villages to the high Nimaling Plain below the imposing peak of Kang Yatze.

Best Trekking Places


Day1 Delhi – Leh

Day2 Leh – Shey – Thiksey – Hemis

On this day you will go on a sightseeing trip to some ancient monasteries in this area. Shey Gompa is about 15 km from Leh. It used to be the summer palace of the kings of Ladakh. There are lots of Stupas and Gompas built around the palace. The monastery is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Ladakh and belongs to the Gelukspa order. Hemis, about 45 km south of Leh it is one of the most famous and largest monasteries in Ladakh. It belongs to the Drukpa order and was founded in the early 17Th century. The setting is perfect with the monastery cradled in a lovely valley, surrounded by streams and fronted by long Mani walls.

Day3 Drive – Lamayuru via Alchi

In the morning after breakfast drive Lamayuru via Alchi. Visit the oldest Alchi Monastery and Lamayuru.

Day4 Lamayuru – Wanla

From Lamayuru monastery descend towards the village, cross the stream, ascend gradually upward the Prinkti la (3800 m) descend into the gorge, arrive at Shilla, crossing the bridge and reached Wanla.

Day5 Wanla – Hinju

Now follow the Yapola River on the left and after 2 hours arrive at Penjila. Continue up to the valley, leading off at right angles, after one-hour trekking leaves the valley on the left, and after one hour arrives at Hinju.

Day6 Hinju – Sumda

The trail goes through the Hinju village, crossing the Hinju valley; leave one more valley on the left and ascent to the pass. The last ascent is steep. Again from the summit of the Konzke La, long descent to the pastures, follow the trail on the left bank along the mountainside. Here path gets lost, rather close to the river. There are circular walls. Before Sumda there is a locked cave, so many nice campsites at the edge of the river, but continue along the left bank along the mountainside till Sumda.

Day7 Sumda – Base of Dundunchenla

This is a short day to reduce a long exhausted trek between Sumda to Chilling. A short Steep trail and then gradual walk till the campsite at the base of the pass.

Day8 Base – Chilling

2 hours trek till the pass, after descending the pass south side, the slope is steep and continue towards a valley which gets narrower and narrower, in the end, it opens out at Chilling. Up to Chilling, there is not much water. Chilling is a village of craftsmen, here Peoples work with metals like copper, tin, silver and make ladles Tchang pots, teapots etc.

Day9 Chilling – Shingo

From Chilling follow the Zanskar river upstream for about ½ km., then cross it in a cable car (by paying a fee) then there is a well-defined path, Sakaya is 2 hours from the river crossing. After some distance from Skaya, the trail joins with the Markha valley trek. From here, Shingo with 2-3 houses is 3 hours away.

Day10 Shingo – Ganda La

Ascent to Ganda la, it is two hours, easy climb descent into a beautiful valley and after passing Yurutse village (with beautiful houses), cross the river on the right bank, cross an escarpment which leads into the valley of Rumbak Gompa. From Rumbak Gompa, there is a route joining Spituk via Zingchan. No pass in between, all easy going.

Day11 Rumbak Gompa – Stok Base
After passing this beautiful stopping valley, Three hours steep climbing to the top of the pass. Descend to the base camp and further trek toward the base of Stok Kangri.

Day12 Climbing Stok Kangri
This is one of the easiest peak declared as trekking peak in Ladakh region, one can climb from Lower base directly or well shift the camp to higher base camp. It takes almost 10 hours from base camp to base camp, minimum climbing equipment is required.

Day13-14 Climbing Stok Kangri

Continue climbing Stok Kangri.

Day15 Descend to Stok
In the morning after breakfast trek down to Stok, visit Stok palace, evening drive to Leh.

Day16 Leh – Delhi

Trip Ends Here

Which trekking places in India fascinated you? Don’t forget to share your trekking experiences with us.

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