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15 Top Unique Indian Pickles You Must Try

Indian pickles have made a permanent place across the globe and every state in India has their pickles with unique flavors, tastes and textures. Since ancient ages, a wide range of Indian pickles have been an intrinsic part of the Indian culinary sphere and have been decorating Indian dishes with their spicy and tangy flavor. You cannot discuss Indian cuisines and dishes without Indian pickle and that is the fact. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Indian pickles that are popular in different states of India.

Pickles are made by preserving vegetables and fruits such as mangoes, lemons and chillies and some whole grains in brine and vinegar and packed in jars and stored at room temperatures. We have handpicked some of the unique pickles from different corners of India.

1. Mesu Pickle

Mesu pickle is one of the most traditional Sikkimese cuisines that has carved a niche for itself in the state of Sikkim. It is made with fermented bamboo shoots and has a delicious and superior sour-acidic tang. In Sikkim local language, Mesu means young bamboo shoot (ME) and sour (SU). If you love local cuisines with an unusual taste, you should order this from an online grocery store.

2. Bhoot Jolokia Achaar

After Sikkim, let’s go to Assam and find out local Indian pickle varieties there. Bhoot Jolokia achaar is also known as the Ghost of King Chilli. As per the local traditions, there is a saying that people wish they were dead after eating this pickle. Though this pickle is very spicy and fiery and often laced with bamboo shoots, it is delicious and you will surely love it.

3. Lingri ka Achaar

In Himachal Pradesh, a northern state in India, the fiddlehead fern is known as Lingri and it belongs to the culinary circles of a lightly saccharine pickle. Here, young, tender, new and tightly curled fern shoots are handpicked to make this pickle. You would surely enjoy the taste of this lingri achaar.

4. Karivepaku Urugai

Karivepaku Urugai means curry leaves pickle from Tamil Nadu and is delicious, spicy and very appetizing. In addition to the salt, curry leaves are used moderately to make this pickle. You would surely love it.

5. Brinjal Pickle

If you have visited Goa in your life, you must be familiar with brinjal pickle. It is an unusual pickle with the brinjal and has a sweet, spicy and tangy taste which tasty buds love. You would surely love the taste.

6. Akhuni Pickle

Akhuni Pickle is one of the most important gifts from Nagaland. Akhuni means fermented soya bean cakes which are used to make Akhuni pickle or added to meat dishes for the strong and sharp flavor with a bitter and smoky taste.

7. Amla ki Launji

The Indian mainland states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand have so much to offer when it comes to cuisines and dishes. Amla, gooseberries are a rich source of Vitamin C and have some other health benefits too. Amle ki Launji has a sweet and tangy taste and will surely take a permanent place in your diet.

9. Chana Methi Achar

Gujarat is the second home to the Indian pickle and we all know that. Gujarati individuals can be identified with achaar and flatbreads in planes and trains. Chana methi achar is made of chickpeas and dry fenugreek seeds with a large assortment of spices and mustard oil. You can also add mangoes, lemons and other fruits and vegetables.

10. Banana Flavor Pickle

Banana flavor pickle is from Assam and has a rich taste and has all the health benefits of pickles that we are talking about. This banana flavor has iron, calcium potassium and other minerals that will be beneficial for your health too. All you need to do is to buy it from the Indian grocery store and that will be all.

11. Orange Tholi Achar

If you throw away pills after eating an orange as if they are of no use, Indians make pickles out of these pills. A beautiful and tasty combination of sweet and tangy, this orange tholi achaar is quite common in South Indian kitchens. Furthermore, it is very easy to make and preserve too. You would love it.

12. Kolhapuri Thecha

This comes directly from Maharashtra and as the name suggests, it is made from spicy and fiery Kolhapuri red chillies and a mix of peanuts, salt, garlic and asafoetida. This pickle is so spicy and makes people sweat and their tongue swell due to its hot flavor. You should at least taste this pickle once in your life to experience what spiciness is!

13. Kamal Kakdi ka Achaar

This is one of the rarest and exotic pickles directly from Jammu and Kashmir which is made of lotus stems and can be served with Indian flatbreads such as rotis and parathas.

14. Chintakaya Pachadi

In Andhra and Telangana regions, raw tamarind has been the main ingredient to a wide range of dishes and Chintakaya Pachadi, raw tamarind pickle has a tangy and spicy flavor which will fire up your taste buds for sure.

15. Gajar-Gobhi-Shalgam Achaar

This particular pickle is very famous in the northern parts of the country and has ingredients such as carrots, cauliflowers and turnips and it tastes delicious and appetizing. The tang of the turnip and the sweetness of the carrot with the mixture of vinegar makes the dish the best suitable with parathas and curd.

These are some of the Indian pickles that you need to know about. You can even buy readymade pickles from an online grocery store. Health benefits of pickles are limitless, and so are the taste and flavor they add to the dish.

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