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5 Bomber Jackets to Wear with Everything This Spring

An exclusive and practical bomber jacket has won the world’s best podiums. This is a rare example when high fashion offers a universal style for street looks. Nowadays, a fashionable bomber jacket is a part of modern images in a variety of styles, but to wear it right it’s worthwhile to be aware of trends and new stylistic solutions for these models. It could go very well on you if you pair it up with trendy shoes.

A bomber jacket was an essential attribute of students and baseball players of the 30s of the 20th century, and it emerged from the shadows again several years ago. So, if you want to look stylish, pay attention to the following bomber jackets to wear this spring. Despite the frankly masculine style, don’t wear it together with unisex things. Much depends on how to wear a bomber jacket, but don’t forget that it is an element of a vogue game in which the ability to create original combinations is highly appreciated. Universality is the main advantage of this wardrobe item. Here are five great options for this special spring.

1. Alpha Industries Ma-1 W Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries Ma-1 W Bomber Jacket

Flowing and loose forms, the emphasis on the waistline and the conciseness of the silhouette makes it possible for you to combine it with a variety of things. And the brand’s “Remove Before Flight” tag surely draws everyone’s attention. This jacket makes a great mix with pants and high-waisted skirts since it allows you to create a dynamic, lightweight and feminine image.

2. Choiss Classic In All White Red Pop Bomber Jacket

Choiss Classic In All White Red Pop Bomber Jacket

This amazing white bomber jacket with red sides is just perfect for spring. It is made of 100% certified leather and will add a little spice to any casual look. The brand provides you with an opportunity to customize your bomber jacket with one of the solid ribbing options to make it look more classic. However, if you are looking for something more conservative, pay attention to other bomber jackets of this brand.

3. Stella McCartney Brielle Bomber Jacket

Stella McCartney Brielle Bomber Jacket

The real guru of elegant urban style Stella McCartney has presented bomber jackets for girls in a truly English style. The seeming simplicity of the model is compensated by the choice of material: it is made of the finest wool, and the lining consists of sustainable viscose and organic cotton. This season it is recommended to combine this bomber jacket with feminine dresses, tight pants, and jeans, creating elegant discreet images.

4. Alexander McQueen Bird Sketch Bomber Jacket

 Alexander McQueen Bird Sketch Bomber Jacket

Significantly, almost all designers have ignored the sporting and even military origin of the style. This season, Alexander McQueen has offered an absolutely refined, in the best traditions of urban style, bomber jackets for women. The designers of the brand chose the most delicate wool with an exciting print which helps every girl stand out from the crowd.

5. Allegra K Raglan Sleeves Quilted Zip-Up Bomber Jacket

 Allegra K Raglan Sleeves Quilted Zip-Up Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket is perfect for a smart casual style in its modern version. Such outfit is comfortable and practical for everyday activities, and it flawlessly suits a big number of different images. It could go very well with the short skirt and sandals. Here is a complete guide on how to dress in Los angeles style to look sassy this spring.

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