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7 Trendy Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own

It is said that “A Man is recognized by the shoes he wears”. This dictum proves to be true because shoes play an important role in making your look. If you are not fit into the right pair of shoes you may devastate your look. Visit to get some advice on the best shoes for you. Therefore, it is extremely important that you dress up with the perfect pair of shoes.  Shoes are not just footwear but something that also reflects your personality. To have at least 7 pairs of shoes that will make a man perfect for any occasion, party or office is a must.

To get all the must-have pairs of shoes for your every outfit Vans has made available its coupons that will help you shop at a lower rate. Vans is a shoe manufacturer that started its business model in 1966. Initially, it only manufactured skateboard shoes and Other related apparel then slowly the company expanded its horizons and came up with different types of shoes for men. You can avail the classy trendy shoes at a price you will like.
Here, are 7 trendy shoe styles for every man. Bring home these amazing pairs of shoes at a reasonable rate.


Trendy Shoe Styles

It is very essential for Men to have at least one pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. Sneakers are comfortable and provide relaxation to your feet. Sneakers is a smart choice as it can fit fine for every occasion also there is a huge variety to choose from and you can get the one that you like. Pair up your sneakers with a smart pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you are so going to be a show stealer for every occasion.

You can dress the way you want as the sneakers give you the freedom to experiment and look the way as you just want. Before its too late, Hurry up and get the most perfect pair of sneakers at a price that is affordable.

The Brogue

Trendy Shoe Styles

No doubt that the brogue is one of the most versatile shoe styles available for men out there. Brogue is a gentleman’s choice and is pretty decent in appearance, therefore, they have the power to make a suit look better on you.
 One should Opt for dark brown brogues for formal occasions and lighter brogues for casual days, choosing the right color is up to you as per the occasion. Brogue is so versatile that it can be used for so many different occasions. They suit for a party as well as for day to day life. Buying Brogue is a must for men as they will help you get along with every occasion. Get a decent pair of Brogue and be ready for every occasion. 

The Loafer

Trendy Shoe Styles

Loafers are extremely stylish and a good choice to wear. They are low and lace-free that makes them a smart casual to wear.  Loafers are a great choice during summers and if paired with a cool outfit will give a fabulous look. They can be dressed as casual and formal both, therefore, buying them is a smart choice. Loafers are good to go for an office meeting or for a cool party.

 They are easy to wear as they do not have laces and you are good to go quickly. Loafers come in a variety of designs and colors, depending on your need and requirements you can grab a pair of your favorite loafers by trying the vans coupons and can also avail some discount. They can make any boring look interesting and amazing.


Trendy Shoe Styles

Exercise is the best cure for a healthy body and strong brain. Therefore, every man needs to exercise. As we know, to exercise one must need a good pair of shoes So, here comes a super cool and comfortable pair of trainers that will make your exercise more fun. Cross-trainers are the most flexible athletic shoe that provides the best work out experience. One needs to have this amazing blend of comfort and style.

Trainers are light enough to jog in and provide you with the best comfort with its padded design that makes it enable for enough high-impact activity. If you are a sports lover or love to work out then these super cool trainers are waiting for you.


Trendy Shoe Styles

Boots give you that edgy, classy look, which is masculine enough to make women fall for you. Boots come in a category that will get you a lot of compliments and will make your personality bold. From the huge variety in which boots are available you can get your feet in the best pair that you like.

Shop the attractive pair of boots that will give you attention and looks for people around you. Get your favorite pair of boots by shopping with the vans coupons and avail some exciting discount on your purchase.


Trendy Shoe Styles

Nothing can look better for formals than a classy pair of Black oxfords. Oxfords are an amazing pair up with a suit, tuxedo or simply trousers. The Oxford is featured differently as it is characterized by its closed lacing unlike the open lacing system of the Derby shoe. Initially, oxfords have a simple design which consisted of a plain shoe made of leather, but over the years it has evolved and became better. It improved its design by certain standards and now include a broad range of fabrics and detailing. It has amazing finishing that makes an impact on the personality of the person who is wearing it.

Oxfords are a good choice for formal occasions therefore, most men already own a good pair of black Oxfords.  You can choose any favorite color of yours but this shoe mostly look good in a tan color or you can also avail a black pair of Oxford as they will go with any pair of formal wears. Bring home a fantastic pair of oxfords and become the more of a gentleman.


Trendy Shoe Styles

Mojaris are a must have in the wardrobe of every man. They are a perfect combination of tradition and style. Mojaris are simple yet stylish and make a person look more attractive. To have Mojaris in a men’s collection is the need of the present scenario where you have to fit perfectly in every occasion like marriage, domestic function etc.  A simple and decent pair of Mojaris goes fabulously well with kurta or sherwani. Mojaris embrace your personality and gives you a royal look.

A little touch of traditional wear will make you stand out of the crowd. So, add a perfect pair of Mojaris to your wardrobe.

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