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25 Top Unsolved Mysteries of All Times!

18. Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

Bermuda triangle is also known as the Devil’s triangle. It is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the Islands of Bermuda. Several ships, aircrafts and have all been missing when over the Bermuda triangle. This is one of the most discussed mystery of all time .

19. Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov Pass

It is the unsolved mystery of the disappearance of 9 hikers in Ural Mountains in Russia in 1959. This pass is called as the Devil’s Pass by the locals. It was the subsequent discovery to experienced ski hikers who embark upon the climb. One among the ten skilled skiers came back as he was unhealthy. The rest did not turn up long after the time they were to reach. A search team went to search for them and they are all found dead. The state in which the bodies were found would be impossible to have been done by humans.

20. Circleville Letters

Circleville Letters

The letters contained threats of violence and personal information only the recipients are aware of. The letters were hatefully written and had vulgar language. None of the letters had return address and all appeared to have come from Columbus. The style of writing was the same, block letters. Mary Gillespie was singled out and tortured as she was given harsh or severe treatment. They arrested Freshour; Mary’s husband, Ron, his brother-in-law. When Freshour was serving his time in prison, he was considered a model prisoner. Letters kept on coming even after his imprisonment. When a TV Show ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ aired a segment on the Circleville Letters, a few hours later, they received a threatening letter.

21. Georgia guide stones

Georgia guide stones

On a barren field on Georgia, 5 granite slabs are in a star pattern. “American Stonehenge” are a massive granite structure in far eastern Georgia near the South Carolina border. No one knows who paid for the construction for the Georgia guide stones, nor exactly what is meant by the strange things engraved on the granite. It is said to be post-apocalyptic guidelines and it is written in 8 languages. There are 10 messages inscribed as guidelines to be followed after the post-apocalyptic event. In June 1979, a grey-haired man asked this to be made and he introduced himself as R. C Christian. This is full of mysteries which cannot be explained for a while. Here you can read about the stonehenge facts which makes the mystery even more interesting.

22. Living Statues

Living Statues

From 1917 to 1928, half a million of the population were affected with a ghastly condition, rather than a disease. The victims are very much alive and conscious, but they are found to be in a inexplicably frozen states, their static bodies prison for their minds. The ‘sleeping sickness’ or “encephalitis Lethargica”, first appeared in Europe and then quickly spread around the world. About one third of the people stricken with the illness died. The others who were able to survive, found themselves unable to physically interact with the world around them, all the time fully aware of what is happening around them. Though occasionally capable of speech, eye motion and laughter they were just living statues. The reason is still unidentified.

23. The Black Mausoleum

The Black Mausoleum

Edinburgh is a ghost hunter’s paradise. The Scottish capital’s hot spot is the Black Mausoleum. It is the tomb of George Mackenzie. Mackenzie was the lord Advocate of Scotland and was a merciless persecutor of the Presbyterian Covenanters in life. In 1998, a man broke into his tomb and fell through a rotten lower floor into a plague pit filled with skeletons. Since then, over 450 reports of strange incidents, from people having lost their consciousness to inexplicable fires breaking out and an actually high number of dead animals were found. Visitors go through several tortures like, fingers broken, hair being pulled, being punched and kicked. The mystery is yet to be unveiled.

24. Antikythera Mechanism

Antikythera Mechanism

In 1990, a team of sponge divers submerged into the sea, off the island of Antikythera between mainland Greece and Crete and emerged with something interesting. At first, they did not care for this item as there were other treasures from the ship. They were exploring a Roman shipwreck, when they found a bronze-and-wood object that defied descriptions. It looked like a clock, but it was not a clock, it also resembled a gear or wheel, but provided no information as being used for transportation. Inside they found 30bronxe gears that was operated by a hand crank and it was only the size of a shoebox. It also acted as an astronomical calendar, predicting the cycles of the solar system, lunar months and eclipses. It had Greek Zodiac signs and Egyptian calendar dates and could anticipate the exact location of Sun and Moon. It is considered history’s first computer. Theories have been circling but nothing has been proved.

25. Black Dahlia

. Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short was brutally murdered in Los Angelus in 1947. She was a waitress and she was nicknamed ‘Black Dahlia’. Her body was cut in half and she was mutilated and bisected at the waist. The killer was never found and her body was found on January 15, 1947 in a vacant lot near Leimert Park. The killer had brutally murdered her by draining her corpse of blood and scrubbed it clean. Despite numerous allegations and leads over the years, the killer was never found. Her death is one of the prominent cold cases ever in the history of crimes.

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