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15 Best Places to Visit in Nashik – Top Tourist Places & Things to Do

Nashik is a place blessed by Prabhu Rama. Who was the hero of epic ‘RAMAYANA’. Nashik is majorly famous for its role in Ramayana and ancient story of lord shiva. After every 12 year there is a great holy fest called KUMBH MELA is held in Nashik lots of devotional people from all over India takes part in these because of these reasons it is considered as a pilgrimage place. Beside these Nashik has extensive nature beauties in the rainy seasons like forts waterfalls etc. Grape’s production is majorly distributed here since it is also famous for its wines and called as wine capital of India. Monsoons and winters are great in the city in Monsoons you will find tremendous eye-catching nature magics as the city lies in western ghats from the month of June to September and in winters it seems like a hill station the winter here lies between October to February. Summers are not so good there is immense heat. The comfortable time for travel is Monsoons and winter. Nashik is situated at the northern region of Maharashtra it is about 166.8 km from Mumbai the states capital.

Here are 15 best places you can explore in Nashik:

1. Kala Ram Mandir

Kala Ram mandir is the temple of Lord Rama. It is said that in Treta Yuga when Lord Rama was come to Nashik he stayed here with Lakshman and Sita Mata. The name Kala Ram is derived from the back statue of Rama. The temple is buildup of stones and awesome architecture. The positivity that everyone gets while entering the temple gives a unique peace of mind. This temple is located in Panchavati. Thousands of devotees and tourist visit this place every month.

2.Sita Gufa

Sita gufa is a cave. It is also a part of Ramayana. There are four ancient banyan trees located at the starting of Sita gufa. The entrance of Sita gufa is a small gate one has to sit and move forward to explore the cave there is the statue of lord Rama Lakshman and Sita Mata on the right side of cave there is a shivling. On some distance of Sita gufa you will find the Lakshman Rekha Mandir which is also, a part of Ramayana. Along with devotional people there are many ancient architecture fans who come to explore the structure of gufa      

3. Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling Mandir

Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling Mandir is located in the town of Trimbak in Nashik district. Trimbak is 30 km away from Nashik city. The Trimbakeshwar temple in one of the twelve jyotirling. The Jyotirling here has three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Rudra. The origin of ganga river is also located here at the mountain named Ganga Dwar which is nearer to the Jyotirlinga Temple.

4. Brahmagiri

Brahmagiri is the mountain in Trimbakeshwar. It ranges in western ghats of Maharashtra the mountain is famous for trek it has 750 steps. River Kaveri rises at the top of these mountain. The nature scenery looks beautiful from the top mostly in monsoon seasons it shows an eye-catching greenery and clouds seems like heaven. Along with Brahmagiri there is also Anjaneri,the birth place of God Hanuman which is 9 kms from Brahmagiri and is also very famous for trekking.

5. DugarWadi Waterfall

Dugarwadi is the mesmerizing waterfall located 2 km away from Trimbak in a semi forest area the place gives large amount of fun and peace too. Trekking here is wonderful. There will be crowd in monsoon season as the waterfall is more alive in monsoon. The scenic beauty of the waterfall will attract anyone, also there are small food stalls available here. The place is   awesome for photoshoots. Many nature lovers visit the fall every monsoon. The only cons are the water level in monsoons suddenly rises so you need to be very careful.

6. Someshwar Waterfall

Someshwar waterfall is 11 km from Nashik city. It is the small waterfall of Godavari River but strongest during the monsoon season this waterfall in surrounded by temples. Near to the waterfall there is a temple of Balaji the temple occupies a large amount of space and environment of the temple is peaceful. Also, this place is good for small picnics as the surrounding of temple is quite good. That place is great for photoshoot. At the distance of 1 km there is the temple of lord shiva the temple is straight away from the waterfall. There are boats rides available near the temple of Shiva.

7. PandavLeni Caves

PandavLeni caves are 19 km away from Nashik city. PandavLeni is the group of 24 ancient caves carved between 3rd century B.C to 2nd century A.D. These caves were built by the ancient ruler’s name Satavahanas and kshaharatas for Buddhist monks. The cave no 3, 10,18 and 20 are most fascinating caves noted for the magnificent sculptures. The caves are located above the mountains. There is a buddha temple at the foot of the mountain which gives peace of mind as the temple contains silence no one is allowed to make noise inside and outside the temple premises. Many people from Nashik city and out of Nashik comes to explore this ancient place.

8. Sula Vineyards

As Nasik is the capital of wines it has a wonderful Vineyard named Sula Vineyards which is located near the Gangapur dam of Nashik. There are grape crops planted here if you wish to see them grow then the time to visit is January to March. You can also see how wine is made up from grapes. Brute tropical is the best wine in Sula. With the best wine,you will also find variety of wines here. Sula Vineyards arranges the fantastic Sula fest in the month of February the fest includes top artist performing most of youngsters and wine lovers. Give visit to this fest.

9. Harihar Fort

Harihar Fort is 41 km away from Nashik. The fort is best for trekking. Many trekkers give visit to this fort. Most of the people come here during Independence Day for Flag Hoisting. The fort was constructed by the Yadav dynasty between the 9th and 14th centuries. The fort has a medium level of a trek and it takes 2 hours to complete the trek. The sunset and sunrise scenes look amazing from the top of the fort. The best time to visit Harihar fort is in monsoons and winters.

10. Ashoka Waterfall

Ashoka waterfall is situated in Vaihingen village in Kasara taluka,district Nashik. The waterfall is 58 km away from Nasik city. The waterfall was named Ashoka because Shah Rukh Khan’s film Ashoka’s song was shooted there. From the release of the song, the waterfall got popular. This waterfall is alive in the monsoon. The water to the fall comes from rain and Vaitarna Dam. Of course, the place is for nature lovers and it is most crowded on weekends.

11. Coins Museum

The coin museum is located near the Anjaneri Hills. It is 20 km away from Nashik city. There are a variety of coins, molds, dyes, replicas, photographs, and information in brief. The museums also explain the process of manufacturing the coins. The museum is one and only of its kind in Asia. Can visit it anytime. Lover of historical things or people who like to explore ancient things always come to visit this uber cool museum.

12. Shubham Water Park

Shubham Water Park is situated near the Anjaneri hills. The water park has most of the water rides and adventures. The place is best for summers. It includes both adults and kids. Shubham Water Park has options of food available. The swimsuits are also provided by the park. The park also has an amusement park, raindance, roller coaster, and separate wave pool.

13. Tringalwadi Fort

Tringalwadi fort passes through the ghat the fort is considered majestic because of its fantastic views. Monsoon is the best period to visit tringalwadi fort as the small waterfalls and greenery of the fort get alive. The fort is located in tringalwadi village which is 7 km from Igatpuri and 47 km from Nashik city.

14. Salher

Salher is the highest fort in Sahyadri. The fort has major religious and historical importance many stories of adventure and spirituality will give you company on this trek. The fort is not so popular but it is one the gorgeous places. As this place is less attractive you will not get a lot of crowds here it is best for peaceful treks. Can visit it in all seasons It takes to hours to reach here from Nasik city. It is near Satana Town in Nashik district.

15.City Center Mall

It is the city mall situated at Untwadi in Nashik city. The mall includes everything at Cinemax’s, gaming zones, food sector, shopping sector, etc. One can enjoy everything here and can do shopping according to brands they love. Almost every variety of food is available here including café coffee day. Most of the city people and tourists visit for shopping. Another place for shopping at the cheapest rate is the main road in Nashik city where everything in the comparatively cheapest rates only one should know about bargaining. Most shopping-lovers always explore these two places while traveling to Nashik.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1) What is famous from Nashik?

Nashik is well known for being one of the Hindu pilgrimage sites of the Kumbh Mela, which is held every 12 years. Nashik is located about 190 km north of state capital Mumbai. The city is called the “Wine Capital of India” as more than half of India’s vineyards and wineries are located here.

2) Is Nashik worth Visiting?

A beautiful town situated on the banks of the river Godavari, Nashik is surrounded by nine hills; blessed with an enchanting panorama, and pleasant climate. Popularly known as the “wine and grape capital” of India, Nashik is blessed with natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rich history.

3) Which Mountain Range is in Nashik?

Dhodap hill is the third highest hill peak in Maharashtra after Kalsubai and Salher and 29th highest peak in the Western Ghats. At the eastern side of this range lies the Chandvad range. There is a range with the same name Satmala in Telangana. The most important range of Nashik is the Satmala range.

4) What is the best time to Visit Nashik?

Winter season

The best season to visit Nashik is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are October, November, December, February and March. Nashik experiences moderate rainfalls in the months of June and lasts till September.

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