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The Best Mattress For Your Body Type!

If you’re looking for a mattress that caters to your specific needs, you can consider choosing helix mattress. Helix is well known for customizing its mattresses to suit the needs of their customers. The moonlight and midnight are part of the hybrid beds helix offers and are made with responsive foams and innerspring coils. They have an online sleep quiz that helps you to choose the right mattress which is based on your weight, sleeping position, height, and other preferences. Helix has 6 different mattress models that can be customized. These include:

1. The moonlight and sunset models are soft.

2. The midnight and dusk models are medium firm.

3. The dawn and twilight models are firm.

All these models have a standard and luxe option you can choose from and come with added features.

The nightfall model is for people with a heavier weight, while the dual extra and the dual balanced models are for people who want a mattress with different feels on either side. However, among the six different mattress models, let’s look at the moonlight model that is soft and the midnight model that gives you a medium firm feel. Here is a complete guide on which type of mattress is good for health?

Moonlight model


The cover:

The cover of all helix mattresses are made of pure 100% polyester and is thin allowing it to breathe. The cover can be easily unzipped and removed to wash making it maintain cleanliness. The removable cover also acts as an interior cover that allows more breathability giving you a cool sleeping environment with enough air circulation throughout the night. You can also opt for an Ultra cool cover which has a phase change material that helps to maintain cooler body temperature and reduces sweating or overheating letting you sleep more comfortably through the night.

The comfort layer:

This layer is made of dynamic foam which is super soft and responds quickly to pressure allowing you to easily change positions. The memory foam is combined with latex creating a unique feel and firmness that you won’t find in other memory foams. The latex has unique natural cooling properties that keep you cool at night. It also cradles your body relieving pressure and adding comfort.

The transition layer:

You will find this layer immediately after the dynamic foam. It’s a thin poly foam that is a bit firmer than the dynamic foam. This layer provides a smooth transition to the pocketed coil system at the base.

The supportive layer:

This is the main section of the helix mattress. The hundreds of tiny individually pocketed coils provide pressure relief, buoyancy, and bounce that is found in traditional mattresses. The purpose of individually wrapping the springs is to provide bounce and also absorb movement from other parts of the bed. They also help air to circulate freely through the spaces in the springs and provide edge support with a reinforced perimeter to prevent the edges from sagging when you sit.

The base:

This layer has thin high-density poly foam. It provides most of the support and provides the springs with a base to react.

The Midnight model

midnight luxe

The cover:

It’s made with the same unique material as the one found in the Moonlight model. You can also go for the Ultracool one that has a phase change material for regulating your temperature.


The comfort layer:

This is a thick layer of memory foam that is slow in responding to pressure which allows it to contour with your body. It’s a bit unusual for a medium firm bed to have its comfort layer feature a memory foam but having a sinking effect doesn’t mean the mattress is soft, it can also give a firm feel.

The transition layer:

This layer had a poly foam, the same foam found in the Moonlight model but a bit firmer. It provides support for the memory form so that you don’t sink too much and also a firmer feel before reaching the pocketed springs.

The supportive layer:

The pocketed spring system is the same one you find in the Moonlight mattress. Designed to provide support, bounce, and help the mattress to have some breathing space between the spaces in the individual pocketed springs.

The base layer:

Just like in the Moonlight mattress, the base has a thin layer of high-density poly foam. It keeps the mattress firm and a reaction base for the pocketed springs.

Although there is no much difference between the mattress features in both helix mattresses, you will notice a significant change in the comfort levels in the two. The main difference is the memory foam used in the Moonlight bed while the Midnight bed has a bouncy latex foam. Also, the Moonlight dynamic foam is super soft and bouncy allowing some sinkage while the Midnight poly foam counteracts the deep contouring of its memory foam.

Preferred helix mattress sleepers


Stomach and back sleepers prefer a firmer mattress that will support their back and help align their spine. How soft or firm your mattress is dependent on your weight and the preference of each person is different. If you’re an average or petite stomach or back sleeper, the Midnight, Dawn, Twilight, or Dusk mattresses are ideal depending on your preferred firmness. If you’re heavier, the Nightfall mattress is specifically designed for heavier people.

For side and combo sleepers who want ample pressure relief, the Sunset mattress is a good option. It is the softest relieving most of the pressure. As a side sleeper, you want a mattress that provides relief to your pressure points at the same time giving you support. As for combination sleepers, a mattress that makes it easy for you to switch positions any time of the night would be better.

For couples, the dual balanced or dual extra models would be perfect because they provide different firmness levels on either side. This can be like sleeping in two separate beds when actually you’re sleeping in the same bed.

Helix mattress is so cool


Helix mattress seems to have catered for your whole family and their different sleeping positions. By customizing their mattresses to fit your every need, helix mattress has made it easier for you to shop for a new mattress.


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