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10 Top Indian Web Series Of All Times To Kill Your Boredom

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People like to keep things personal these days, Isn’t it? Of course why not, personal things are the best choices. Digital India programme has proved itself. Most of the people these days have started gazing more into their cellphones than television. Cellphones are the most personal thing for anyone these days. People all over from the hectic busy schedule spare out some time not for taking a walk in the garden or spending time with their beloveds but for Indian Web series on YouTube. The web series on YouTube provide them with immense entertainment in less time. It is really easy to access web series on YouTube than book seat in a theatre or wait for a particular serial on television.

Hey, let’s get real who has this much time these days? Except the “DO- NOTHING and the TRIFLER”.  Web series on YouTube has gained a lot of appreciation and have brought a new revolution these days because they have broken the concepts of censorship and conservative audience. There is something more to everything these days. Even the cost of entertainment is cut down to half. People in India watch Hindi web series for free today. We can watch as many web series on YouTube as we want just free of cost.

I would love to tell you where you can watch Hindi web series for free, the most popular places are YouTube and TVF. So, when you have nothing like the NYE planned to go for in your leisure time just go for the below recommendations of the best Hindi web series present in the market. You would be amused and fascinated by them.

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1. Permanent Roommates

This was one of the best Hindi web series by TVF. The series follows a normal story of a girl and a boy who loves each other and have stayed in a 3 years long distance relationship. The story of the series revolves around how they got married? What difficulties did they face? and how their love overcomes all the obstacles and proved its worth. This story portraits the real struggle of two people in love. you need to keep this in the watch free Hindi web series for free list.

Watch the Permanent Roommates trailer here – 

2. Tripling

It got a very good response from the youth of the rat race world as they know how it feels to be jobless, divorced, and have an unstable marriage. These things have hit our youth as a plague.  The story shows the life of three siblings who are having a hard time in their lives and are finding solace. This series clearly states that family is the answer to all the difficulties of people’s life.  Tripling is also a product of the TVF.

Watch the Tripling Trailer here – 

3. Adulting

This is no.1 at the Top Hindi web series 2018 list. Adulting is the first web series of Dice Media. It is the story of two roommates surviving Mumbai. It is said that Mumbai has a big heart but living in Mumbai and adjusting there is the hardest thing you will ever face. Their Mumbai life comprises of their social media struggles, friendly jest and career complications all these have a very relatable effect on the audience minds.

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Watch the Adulting trailer here – 

4. FLAMES #PadhaiAurPyaar

Flames is the production of Timeliners and it is also the best Hindi web series for students. You will be amazed by the first love and relationship days content. It carries a cute and romantic fragrance of the sweet teenage love. you will be forced to go back to your own teenage days and smile a bit harder.

Watch the Flames trailer here – 

5. Maaya 2

A sensual web series on YouTube, Maaya 2. This is a production of VB ON THE WEB. This was also launched in 2018 so, it comes in the list of Top Hindi web series of 2018.  It is the second season of MAAYA- SLAVE OF HER DESIRE. These two are not at all related to each other but they are definitely the best web series on YouTube. It consists of topics that the Indian entertainment industry seldom entertains.

Watch the Maaya 2 trailer here – 

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  1. Bhumika

    I have seen 6 out of these and they are actually worth watching. I was looking for some more suggestions to watch. Will definitely go for the rest.

  2. Shreya Hazra

    I have seen almost all of them and can totally say that Indian web series have upped their game in recent times.

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