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30 Top Indian Web Series Of All Times To Kill Your Boredom!

People like to keep things personal these days, Isn’t it? Of course why not, personal things are the best choices. Digital India programme has proved itself. Most of the people these days have started gazing more into their cellphones than television. Cellphones are the most personal thing for anyone these days. People all over from the hectic busy schedule spare out some time not for taking a walk in the garden or spending time with their beloveds but for Indian Web series on YouTube. The web series on YouTube provide them with immense entertainment in less time. It is really easy to access web series on YouTube than book seat in a theatre or wait for a particular serial on television.

Hey, let’s get real who has this much time these days? Except the “DO- NOTHING and the TRIFLER”.  Web series on YouTube has gained a lot of appreciation and have brought a new revolution these days because they have broken the concepts of censorship and conservative audience. There is something more to everything these days. Even the cost of entertainment is cut down to half. People in India watch Hindi web series for free today. We can watch as many web series on YouTube as we want just free of cost.

I would love to tell you where you can watch Hindi web series for free, the most popular places are YouTube and TVF. So, when you have nothing like the NYE planned to go for in your leisure time just go for the below recommendations of the best Hindi web series present in the market. You would be amused and fascinated by them.

1. The Family Man

Manoj Bajpayee makes his debut on the internet as Srikant Tiwari, a regular middle-class man and government employee, who well, isn’t all he seems to be. In fact, he works for a special cell of the National Intelligence Agency, which is saddled with the responsibility of protecting the nation from terror threats. The main character (srikant) tries to balance his highly-demanding and secretive job with his simple, domestic life.

watch the trailer here-

2. Four More Shot Please !

The series follows the story of four unapologetically flawed women (two in their 30s and two in their early 20s) as they live, love, make mistakes and discover what really makes them tick through friendship and shots of tequila in millennial Mumbai. The series is Amazon Prime Video’s first all women protagonist Indian Original starring Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kirti Kulhari and Maanvi Gagroo.

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watch the trailer here-

3. Bekaaboo

Based on the best selling novel “Black Suits You”, this series is based on the story of Kiyaan Roy’s obsession for becoming a best seller author and his  bestselling erotica novel gifts him a life that appears as perfect as a dream. However, the deepest corners of his heart desire for a different kind of pleasure; a wild pleasure that comes with pain. One day he realizes that someone has been watching him and knows his secret. Someone, who is equally obsessed with the pleasure in pain. Surprised at his luck and tempted by the opportunity, he sets out to explore his dark fantasies with her. But things turn out to be wilder than his imagination and he ends up at the verge of losing everything he ever had-right from his reputation and career, to his family and fiancée. Will Kiyaan be able to reclaim his perfect life, or lose it all in this chase for the thrill in pain?

watch the trailer here-

4. College Romance

College Romance is a story of three BFF’s : Karan, Trippy and Naira ; who fall in love and their ridiculous romantic stories take off.

watch the trailer here-

5. Apharan

Rudra Srivastava, a senior inspector with Uttarakhand police is lured into kidnapping a young girl at her request. The plot begins as a simple plan to extort money in exchange for her release. When the chain of events go wrong and a series of lies unfold, he realizes that he is now a part of a deadly conspiracy. Will he be able to escape the outcome of his choices or become a victim of the web of lies?

watch the trailer here-

6. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is a typical gang war drama in which people are ready to go to any extent for securing power. Right from the first scene itself, this Indian web series establishes the world you’re in. This seemingly lawless land is ruled by Akhanda Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya. Carrying out a carpet business as a cover, Kaleen Bhaiya carries out every illegal activity imaginable like dealing in desi kattas (guns), drugs and blackmail to name a few. His son Munna, is extremely hungry for power and wishes to take over control from his father as soon as possible. In walk two brothers – Guddu and Bablu Pandit who join Kaleen’s business activities as they catch his attention thanks to their impressive hustling skills. This doesn’t sit too well with Munna as he considers them to be an obstacle in his way of securing power. It is considered as one of the best web series of 2018 by critics.

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watch the trailer here-

7. Kota Factory

Dedicated to Shrimati SL Loney ji, Shri Irodov ji and Maanniya HC Verma ji, ‘Kota Factory’ is TVF’s latest original.This series is  India’s first black and white web series. The web series stars Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa, and Alam Khan. It is the story of every IIT aspirant who goes to Kota for preparing to crack his entrance but ends up preparing for his life.

watch the trailer here-

8. Yeh Meri Family

Summer is a festival, not a season.” declares a 13-year-old Harshu  – an average boy from an average family. Within few minutes of the Indian web series, the message is very clear. TVF wants you to go on a nostalgia ride through their Indian web series. The Indian web series is filled with elements of nostalgia like hearing cricket commentary on the radio, talking on cordless phones while drinking Rooh Afza, phantom cigarettes and WWF trump cards.

watch the trailer here-

9. Gullak

Set in quaint by-lanes in the heart of India, Gullak is a collection of disarming and relatable tales of the Mishra family.

watch the trailer here-

10. Made In Heaven

This Indian web series follows the life of two Indian wedding designers. These two, and the brides and grooms they are serving, often lie to get their way. But, like most of us who also lie, cheat or deceive to get by in life, they do not always get away with things and are unable to find closure. Again, much like in real life, the Indian web series shows us the deep dark truth behind the seemingly perfect face of the rich Delhi wedding scene.

watch the trailer here-

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Bhumika October 10, 2018 at 10:41 pm

I have seen 6 out of these and they are actually worth watching. I was looking for some more suggestions to watch. Will definitely go for the rest.

Ruchi Saini September 28, 2019 at 1:24 am

You can check the list now.
Hope you will love watching the latest ones!

Shreya Hazra October 11, 2018 at 1:18 pm

I have seen almost all of them and can totally say that Indian web series have upped their game in recent times.


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