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Tips for Finding the Perfect Student Housing

The location of your student housing impacts everything from commute time to campus safety. Identify neighborhoods close to your university with affordable rents. Ideally, aim for a less than 30 minute walk or bus ride so you skip the cost and headache of parking. Scout out locations for Student Housing & Apartments in Houston during the day and at night to evaluate neighborhood vibes. Chat with current students to hear first-hand experiences in certain buildings before committing. The right student housing location saves you time and hassle getting to class.

1. Assess Building Amenities

Student housing amenities range from basic necessities to luxury indulgences. Must-have basics include in-unit laundry, WiFi, secured entry and bike storage. Upgraded perks like gyms, pools, lounges, gaming rooms and printing centers provide nice breaks from studying. Newer buildings also offer incredible city views, rooftop terraces and high-end furnishings. Make a checklist of amenities that best suit your lifestyle and priorities to narrow options. But don’t forfeit safety, cleanliness or maintenance needs just for stylish perks.

2. Compare Unit Layouts and Sizes

Unit layout and square footage should accommodate your possessions and lifestyle. Students with lots of tech, clothes and gear need more storage space. Identify room proportions that fit your bed, desk, dresser and belongings comfortably. Look at studio, one, two and three bedroom units to compare. Multi-bedroom units allow living with friends but require shared common space. For maximum privacy and quiet, studios and one bedroom units work well for independent students. Just be sure to budget accordingly for different unit sizes and layouts. 

Make sure you are researching the apartments on a reputable website. You can also cold call the vendors or agents about the details of the property.

3. Vet Potential Roommates Thoroughly

If you’ll have roommates, be very selective during vetting. Social compatibility is just as crucial as financial responsibility. Ask candidates about cleanliness standards, sleep and study habits, socializing, guests and other preferences. Take compatibility quizzes together designed specifically for roommate pairing. If possible, do a trial overnight stay together before committing to months-long leases. Good roommates provide built-in social circles. But wrong matches ruin the home environment so choose carefully.

4. Read Reviews and Policies Carefully

Don’t rely only on apartments’ own websites, which showcase the best features. Vet student housing by reading impartial reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook and university forums. Check for complaints about maintenance, pests, noise or safety issues. Also verify all policies like required renters insurance, guest limits, move-in/move-out procedures and more before signing a lease. Being an informed renter helps avoid living disasters and disputes down the road.

Make sure the reviews are not fake, because there are many companies in the are  offering businesses fake reviews to increase the engagements on their websites and leads.

The right student housing sets the foundation for thriving on campus. Taking time to research options thoroughly leads to finding a community that embodies comfort, convenience, and compatibility with your student lifestyle.

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