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7 Most Common Roofing Problems one will ever encounter

Asking for the roof problem could be sometime not valid. The roofing problem comes complementary with the house. It sometimes very minor and can be very major as well. A small issue is challenging to identify. They require expert eyes to know the actual reason. There could be a ton of examples for the reason behind the roofing problem. For instance, of the roof during a storm, leakage problem, etc.

Major Roofing Problems

No matter how big or small the problem is, the same could be resolved with the help of an expert. There are some problems which come with the ages. While others are due to non –maintenance, some problems could be resolved by self and others required experts. The major issue could be settled with the help of a best contractor, but this also requires huge investment some time. Therefore if you are worried about your pocket, then proper maintenance should be done from time to time.

Some of the issues are listed below:

1. Blow-off damage

The wind could be a significant problem for your roof. The windblown with high pressure can directly affect your roof. This damages typically the sides of the roof. Those part of the roof which are highly exposed in the wind. The damage due to wind are usually not under our control, but yes, there could be some preventive measure to protect roof damage. For example, using the best material, with professionals help during roof installation.

2. Problem with Roof Flashing

The purpose of flashing is to protect the water or moisture from entering the material of the building or roof. The moisture or water can damage the building internally. It also becomes sometimes tricky in the short term to detect the issue. Therefore flashing is very important to protect your house. If the flashing of the roof or building gets damaged should be replaced on priority. The problem can also cause if some part of the roof or building is missed out from flashing. Therefore a proper check should be done regularly and also while installation of flashing.

3. A crack or damaged Skylight

Skylight is one of the critical parts of our house. The skylight allows sunlight to enter into the room and also make you feel refreshing. The most common problem with the skylight if it gets cracked or broken. It will be a big problem on rainy days with the broken skylight. Damaged is caused due wind or also if any heavy object falls on it. For example – wood the tree. Therefore the light should be regularly replaced entirely if it gets damaged, as the same size of the glass is sometimes challenging to avail of.

4. Roof ventilation issue

If the ventilation does not correctly screen, it will create the problem. For example, it is effortless for insects and dirt to come inside with any loop in roof ventilation. Ventilation will not perform properly if there is any blockage in the vent opening. Therefore maintenance and cleaning should be done regularly for proper ventilation and avoid blockage.

5. Rotten wood

Wood rot is likely to occur during rainy days. This is a significant issue faced in a day when it’s raining. When the woods get wet and can’t dry. Even a small part of the wood is not dried will lead to the reason for the complete rotten of a wooden floor. This could be taken care of by correcting through patches. It will then seal the hole and will not allow water or moisture to entre. 

6. Multiple Layering of Roof

Multiple layering of a roof can create the problem of uneven roofing. Usually, when a new installation is done on the existing one, the various layers come. As it is said, there should not be more than two layers on the roof. But this is generally ignored during new installation. Therefore proper instruction of layering should be followed to avoid uneven roofing. The installer should be instructed to start only to remove the old roofing before installing the new one.

7. Proper roof runoff

Proper roof runoff can help in the prevention of basement flooding and other damages caused due to moisture. Therefore gutters and downspouts need to function wisely. These damages can be raised from minor dent to significant crash. Thus to prevent this damaged, the proper working of gutters should always be insured. Even minor issues should be taken seriously.


Minor problems with roofing can be self-rectified. But if there is a significant issue, expert advice should be taken for proper solutions. For major, always call experienced professionals—for example, roof replacement or any new installation. Make a point of going for trusted roofing experts around your area for such problems. For instance, if you live in Atlanta and require an expert roofing company, try out Team Roofing. All your major roofing problems are sure to be handled effectively.

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