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12 Shocking #MeToo Allegations in India That Created Havoc

#Metoo movement is said to reach the land of India also and has caught some very well known personalities in its claws. This has certainly taken the country in a state of shock. Some names are those which were not at all expected to be a part of this but ever since they have emerged every citizen in full of a dilemma in their minds. So let us all see those names one by one that got exposed in MeToo India: Nana Patekar: He is a legendary actor who has…

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Green Powders: Benefits & best green powder supplements

Let’s first know what are green powders? The green powders are nothing but health supplements which are obtained from natural resources. They are usually made by blending many natural constituents such as barley, wheat and algae and also from fruits, vegetables herbs and probiotics. The supplements tend to provide our body with a useful and healthy boost of nutrients, vitamins etc. Now I’ll run you through the various ways in which these powders are available. The constitution of these and how it helps us in our day to day life…

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5 reasons why you must read the palace of illusions once in your life!

Ever since our birth each one of us has our grandparents narrating to us different stories one of them is Mahabharat. It was in the year 2014 that a new interesting book was launched which had proven to be different from all other books that revolve around the same concept, But The Palace Of Illusions which is written by Chitra Ji. And I am sure it will definitely have the same effect on each and every reader of it’s. So, let us move ahead by exploring each of these 5…

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