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Patent-Pending Search: What You Need to Know

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) accounts and review applications determine whether they need to issue a patent or not. The purpose of a patent is to protect an inventor’s rights to a distinctive creation. It protects you from people trying to recreate your invention. According to Strategic Patent Law by Russ Weinzimmer & Associates, PC, a patent law firm, tells that you need to do a patent-pending search before USPTO issues you a patent. 

What is a Patent Pending Search?

Patent-pending search helps inventors look for patent applications that may affect your invention qualifying for a license. Patent applications take time as it won’t be published until 18 months after submission.

Is Patent-Pending Search Important?

There’s no guarantee that a patent-pending search can give you all the information of present inventions similar or related to what you have. However, it is still essential to do a patent-pending search. It will give you a glimpse as to what your competitors are doing. You’ll also get an idea of how you can improve your invention. Not only that, you’ll find out if there’s white space in the industry. That white space means you’ll get an idea where your invention can fit in the industry. Also, a patent-pending search helps you in creating a model for your application. 

How is a Patent-Pending Search Done?

It is complex to do a patent-pending search. You’ll find inventions with a patent application number. With this number, you’ll be able to check the USPTO database and check that application. When using the USPTO database, you’ll find two different databases. One of which is for the patents and the other for patent applications. Another option to search for pending patents is by searching for specific patent owners and keywords that relate to a particular invention. 

When searching, use a large assortment of keywords. Some patent applications can be quite technical. Also, be resourceful. Use a different kind of patent database tools. It will help you get different information. You could use the following patent database tools:

  • Espacenet
  • Aus Pat
  • Patent Scope
  • SIPO Database

When doing your patent search, be thorough with your research by using more than one search engine and make use of Advanced Search options. These will help you get diverse information with narrow results. Also, take note of the classification system. The classification system composes of classes and subclasses of inventions. You can get a more focused search if you know under which subclass your designs fall.

Can you Hire Someone to do the Patent Search?

A patent law firm can help you uncover more critical information, especially the ones that you missed. They are well-qualified professionals that could also offer opinions about your invention and whether or not it would qualify for a patent. Another advantage of getting a patent law firm is that they can give you a better understanding of patent applications. Patent applications can be very technical, and those familiar with the patent law can help you. 

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